UPDATE: April 30, 2020

The CSU Media Arts Festival is now accepting submissions for the 30th annual competition! It’s different this year, as so many things are right now. This is going to be fun!

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, entries this year are to be 30 seconds or shorter (including any titles and credits), and can represent any category/genre, including screenplay (no more than 3 pages). The top-scoring 30 entries will become our finalists, regardless of genre.

And guess what? Special just for this year – there are no entry fees!!!
Also special for 2020 is that we are able to accept entries online via a Google Form – click the link, enter your information, and upload your project.

Important – While creating your 30-second masterpieces, make sure to follow all social distancing and safety guidelines.

Read the information below, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and click on the link to the right to enter your amazing projects!        ⇒


All categories and genres accepted for the 2020 CSU Media Arts Festival! No limits (except for the 30-second /3-page limit, of course). So, go ahead and enter: animation, narrative, PSA, trailer, promo, news, screenplay (yep, screenplay – 3 pages), documentary, creative non-fiction, experimental, title sequence, anything – the possibilities are endless. Surprise us!


  • Entrants must be current or recent former students of the California State University.
  • Entries may be submitted by the student director, producer, writer, and/or creator.
  • Entries must have been produced and completed while the entrant was enrolled at a CSU campus between May 1, 2019 and June 2020. Entries accepted from recent graduates.
  • The CSU Media Arts Festival is unable to accept submissions in any category that use or feature copyright-protected materials (music, images, intellectual property, etc).
  • Projects previously submitted to the CSU Media Arts Festival are ineligible for re-entry, unless not accepted for too few category entries in the previous submission cycle. Projects previously submitted to any other festivals are eligible.
  • Entries that do not meet submission requirements will be disqualified. Entrant(s) will be notified of disqualification, however, the submission materials will not be returned.


  • The CSU Media Arts Festival is unable to accept submissions in any category that use or feature copyright-protected materials (music, images, intellectual property, etc).
  • This restriction includes use of copyright-protected music for music videos, background music in a scene, use of a film or television scene, etc.
  • Entrants who have specific questions about the use of copyright-protected materials are encouraged to contact Shannon Pringle, Director, at springle@calstate.edu


    Tuesday, June 30, 2020 is the deadline
  2. Each project/piece must have a complete and separate signed ENTRY FORM. There is no limit to the number of entries per entrant. Because you are uploading your project to a Google Form, the system requires you to have a Google account.
  3. For projects/pieces with more than one contributor, you may add up to four additional contributors and their contact information.
  4. Entrants may submit multiple projects however, each project must have a separate entry form and upload.
  5. Submit the final and finished version of the project as the version screened by the judges will be the version screened at the festival if work is selected as a finalist. Updated, edited, or “completed” versions will not be accepted after the deadline.
  6. All entries/media become property of the CSU Media Arts Festival and will not be returned. 


  • All entries meeting the submission requirements will be viewed or read by a faculty selection committee to determine the top 30 finalists. The CSU Media Arts Festival reserves the right to withhold finalist status and/or award in any category that does not meet a minimum number of qualified entries or for poor scores.
  • Finalists will be notified by email by September 2020 for the 2020 season. Please provide a current, valid, and regularly-checked email address.
  • Finalist projects will be viewed or read by a jury of media industry professionals to select the winners, and the winner of Best in Show. The Audience Choice Award winner is selected at the festival by the audience of the finalist screening.
  • A public screening of the top 30 finalists and the awards ceremony will be held in Fall 2020 for the 2020 season. Due to copyright rules, finalist screenplays will not be read or distributed publicly.
  • If we are not able to have an in-person screening and awards ceremony, we are already working on how to present virtually.
  • Awards will be presented during the festival. Finalists not in attendance will be notified of the status of their projects by email following the festival.
  • All awards are presented to the student writer(s), director(s), producer(s), or creator(s) listed on the entry form(s). If more than one writer, director, producer, or creator has submitted jointly, the cash award will be split evenly between the entrants and each entrant will receive a Media Arts Festival Award.
  • Prizes for the 2020 CSU Media Arts Festival:
    • $250 for each winner (split evenly between multiple entrants for given project).
    • $500 for Best In Show winner (split evenly between multiple entrants for given project). The Best in Show winner is chosen from the pool of category winners.
    • $250 for the Audience Choice winner. This winner is chosen by the audience at the Festival from all screened finalists.
  • Note – If two or more students jointly submit the project, all names and signatures must be included on the entry form(s). Names not included on the entry form cannot be added at a later time, nor are those students eligible for trophies, certificates, or prize money.

EMAIL: springle@calstate.edu
CALL: 562-951-4068
VISIT: www.MediaArtsFestival.org

ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY the Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

And remember to follow all social distancing and safety guidelines. Safety first!

Check the MAF Frequently Asked Questions page on the MAF website for helpful tips for entrants: MAF FAQs