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Changing Majors

Posted by Jennifer

I am currently a psychology major and I love it! The subject fascinates me and my professors keep my classes intriguing. My freshman year I started out as a biology major because I wanted to attend medical school and thought I had to have this as my major in order to do so. However as time passed I learned I did not have to, and should not have this as my major if I did not absolutely love it. I did not plan on switching my major but I am so relieved to have done so. Because I enjoy the subject I work harder in my classes and get much higher grades. With this major I can still do what I ultimately want to do: work with children. How specifically? Well…I’m still figuring that out!


Match Your Major With Your Career Aspirations

Posted by Marissa

Choosing a major is not an easy task and it’s hard to decide on one when you are a freshman. I changed my major and added a double major my junior year. If you are undecided about your future career, the best advice I can give is to choose a more general major that can apply across many different fields of work. For example, business and English are good general majors because they can be useful for many types of jobs. I was a double major in English and journalism but knew I wanted to start a career in public relations after I graduated. My emphasis in journalism was public relations, which fit perfectly into my future public relations career. However, many majors may not be as specific. If your major does fall in line with your career aspirations, I suggest taking complete advantage of it and getting involved every way possible. I did and it has paid off!


My Unexpected Career Path

Posted by Tanya

When I decided to go college I thought I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I came into my freshman year as a Pre-nursing major and after two years of working towards my prerequisites and finishing up a year and three month internship- I realized that a Pre-nursing major was not exactly the right fit for me. During those two years, I took a public speaking class. Although public speaking was one of my biggest fears I took on the challenge and after many hours of practicing and stepping out of my comfort zone, I achieved success and conquered public speaking with an “A” as well as experience I could take away. That class helped me get a position on campus as an orientation leader by providing me with good speaking skills as well as boosting my confidence. That was the first place someone asked me, “Have you ever thought about becoming a Communication major?” The answer was no, that major had never crossed my mind before.


After taking a few more Communication classes I realized I fell in love with a subject. My studies were not just about public speaking but also non-verbal communication, mediation, persuasion and argumentation, cultural conversations and how we impact our world. I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to the positions I was getting on-campus working in Student Affairs. I absolutely loved what I did, whether it was working for Orientation, clubs and organizations in the SEAL Center, or working for Housing. I decided to join a group that talked about going into a career in Student Affairs. I have now chosen my field and will be applying to graduate schools out of state in the next couple of months. I am still working on deciding what program in Student Affairs I will go into, but as for now I could not be more happier with where my career path is taking me.



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