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The California State University

Important Dates

Important Dates

  • In early September, register for the October SAT or ACT.
  • In October and early November, apply to the CSU through Cal State Apply. The deadline is November 30.
  • From October to March, get your financial aid information together and fill out the FAFSA. The priority deadline is March 2.
  • In late spring, be prepared to take Advanced Placement exams if you are enrolled in AP classes. Passing these exams can earn you college credit!
Prepare and Apply

Cal State Apply has many helpful features for high school seniors, including:

Visit Cal State Apply today and submit your application early! The deadline is November 30.

Not ready yet?

Not ready yet?

What if I’m not ready to attend a CSU?

If you didn’t take the classes you need, get the best grades in high school or have the financial aid you need, you may not be ready to apply to the CSU.

California Community Colleges provide students the opportunity to take the classes they need and work toward obtaining an associate’s degree.

Students can then transfer to a California State University campus to complete their bachelor’s degree. For the most up-to-date information on what it takes, check out our student transfer website