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Supporting SDSU from Beginning to End

By Kathy Brown
Associate Director of Buying, SDSU Bookstore
Aztec Shops, San Diego State University

The SDSU Bookstore staff

The SDSU Bookstore staff.
(left to right) Ambre Dorsett, Laura White, Kathy Brown, Meghan Smith, Nancy Stevens, Kelly Morlock, Ben Compton

Commencement season is here! As seniors prepare for graduation and underclassmen wrap up their spring semester classes, my staff and I at The SDSU Bookstore are eager to assist with everyone’s end of the school year needs. Commencement season may be one of the busiest times of the year at San Diego State University, but in the heart of the chaos, the bookstore remains the rock of the campus.

Many people think of the campus bookstore as just that – a store on campus that sells and rents books. While that may be the core of its existence, The SDSU Bookstore takes pride in serving the entire campus community on various needs throughout the school year, including graduation. More …

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A Solid Foundation

By Nancy Yoho
VP of Geographic Information Systems, Rand McNally (retired)
Alumna of CSU Long Beach

Commencement 2013 at CSU Long Beach – from left to right: Steve, Nancy, Alison and Dan Yoho

Commencement 2013 at CSU Long Beach – from left to right: Steve, Nancy, Alison and Dan Yoho

The view from the commencement platform is extraordinary. A sea of black bachelor’s robes with gold lined stoles stretches out for the length of a sports field. In the front are the faculty and master’s graduates with their colorful hoods. Punctuating the view of square mortar boards is the occasional splash of neon and glitter. The messages on the caps are always positive – a celebration of effort, family, mentors and friends mixed with aspirations for the future. Surrounding this core of faculty and graduates are thousands of supporters here to cheer on their grad.
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Called to Serve

Rear Admiral Thomas A. Cropper
President, California State University Maritime Academy

President Cropper and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood during LaHood's recent visit to The California Maritime Academy

President Cropper and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood during LaHood’s recent visit to The California Maritime Academy

Great organizations lead with best-in-the-world attributes.  The California State University Maritime Academy is a world leader in “pracademics” — the practical reinforcement of academics by real world application.  Cadets seamlessly go from learning metallurgical concepts in the classroom to creating functioning parts on the Training Ship Golden Bear.  Intellectual learning is tested throughout summer training cruises under the guidance of strong faculty and proven maritime professionals.  Cal Maritime is exemplary of a devotion to hands-on learning that one encounters on all Cal State campuses.  I know the power of this type of education — I have personally witnessed the tremendous benefits of the CSU approach as the proud father of a son who completed his Cal Maritime degree and a daughter who is finishing at San Diego State. More …


Working Together for Reinvestment

Featuring CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed
with Greg Washington, CSU Fullerton Alumnus and
2011-2012 California State Student Association President

On April 10, 2012, CSU Chancellor Reed and CSSA President Washington went to Sacramento to advocate for students. Watch how their joint advocacy efforts are encouraging reinvestment in the CSU.

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A Community at Work

By Karen Jensen
Chair, Department of Nursing
CSU Channel Islands

Students practice critical thinking skills in real time simulations

Students practice critical thinking skills in real time simulations

Communities often have unmet needs, despite the abundance of those with the resources and talents to meet those needs.  Sometimes the right connections require the catalyst of a university.

Having started two nursing programs through CSU Channel Islands, I have seen the community unlock its own potential.  Students with the right stuff – a mix of compassion, intelligence and drive – are provided with advanced learning tools and opportunities through partnership with hospitals desperate for their talent. More …

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Fund Our Future

Photos by Michael Quibuyen, Sarah Vagts and Erik Fallis

Thousands of CSU, UC and California Community College students march to the steps of the capitol in Sacramento on March 5.  Their message is concise and direct: “Fund Our Future.”  This message is a response to the billions of dollars cut away from the state’s three higher education systems in the last five years. 

The students’ message also highlights the slow economic recovery in California – a recovery threatened by the shortage of educated workers prepared for high-paying, high-demand and high-tech fields.  The simple reality is that California cannot secure its future while shortchanging colleges and universities.  Funding students and higher education is funding the future for all Californians.

California State Student Association President Greg Washington (center) holds the banner leading the students through nearly two miles of Sacramento city streets.  Fellow leaders from the UC Student Association and Student Senate of the California Community Colleges join Washington at the front of the march. 

Standing to the left of Washington is CSSA Legislative Affairs Vice President Sean Richards.  Washington and Richards meet directly with several elected officials following the march. More …

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From Student to Aviator

By Jason Mansour,
Alumnus of California State University, Monterey Bay
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corps Aviator

In the video below, Mansour discusses the importance of student research, how the opportunities he had as a student led to his dream job, and how his university experience continues to impact his career. Mansour successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in Earth Systems Science and Policy at CSU Monterey Bay in 2003, and he joined the NOAA that same year. More …

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