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Sparking a Love for Learning

Richard Torres (far right) at the Better Together: California Teachers Summit. Also pictured: (L to R) Joan Bissell, CSU's Director of Teacher Education and Public School and teachers summit speakers Desiree Olivas and Leland Melvin.

Richard Torres, far right, pictured with (L to R): Joan Bissell, CSU’s Director of Teacher Education and Public School Programs; teachers summit speakers Desiree Olivas and Leland Melvin. Better Together: California Teachers Summit at CSUF on July 31, 2015.

By Richard Torres
Student Assessment and Educational Measurement, Orange Unified School District

I was never much of a student. The “one teacher who sparked a love for learning” never entered my life. However, when my parents gave me an ultimatum and a choice between work or school, I chose to attend college as a way of delaying the inevitable reality of adulthood. Books seemed so much more inviting than getting a job.

Once I completed my general education at Cypress College, I found myself transferring to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) still uncertain of what my future had in store. With a knack for writing and an interest in literature, I decided to focus my studies on English. I’m not quite sure when it happened, maybe between the pages of Milton or Shakespeare, but a love for learning was ignited once I became a student at CSUF. The discussions in class opened up my mind to differing views. It was evident that my professors truly loved their curriculum. For the first time, school and learning was fun. More …

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