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Identifying Those Left Behind, a Search for Closure

Kristyna Pfluger conducting the first part of her thesis for Humboldt State’;s Master’s in Applied Anthropology program.

Kristyna Pfluger conducting the first part of her thesis for Humboldt State’;s Master’s in Applied Anthropology program.

By Kristyna Pfluger
Student, Humboldt State
Alumna, Chico State

I was in seventh grade when I found out one of my closest friends was murdered. To this day, I’m still bothered that her family and friends don’t have closure. This experience is what initially inspired my drive to pursue a career that helps give people closure when they suffer the loss of those they love.

When you think of biology, I don’t think anthropology and forensics are usually the first two words that come to mind. But they do for me. I graduated from Chico State with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, minor in biology and certificate in forensics identification, and in July of 2014 I started the master’s in applied anthropology program at Humboldt State.

When I receive my degree from Humboldt State, I want to be able to help identify the remains of people who have died at war so that they can be returned home to their families. My goal is to give closure to our heroes’ families and friends. The type of closure that I wish I would have gotten with the passing of my friend. More …

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Helping Others Move Forward

Monica R. Correale is one of 23 recipients of the 2014 CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement. As the top-scoring recipient of the CSU Trustees’ Award, Correale was selected as the Trustee Emeritus Ali C. Razi Scholar and will be receiving a $12,000 scholarship.

By Monica R. Correale
Graduate student at Humboldt State University
2014 Trustee Emeritus Ali C. Razi Scholar

Growing up, school was a safe place for me. Going to class was the best part of my day—not only because it challenged and excited me, but because it was a temporary relief from my home life.

Child abuse, domestic violence, and my parents’ struggles with mental illness and substance abuse were among the myriad of issues that I faced every day. Although I enjoyed school and dreamt of professional success, it was difficult to envision a future for myself that differed from that of my parents. For much of my childhood and adolescence, I struggled with self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. I eventually realized that there was a long legacy of trauma and dysfunction in my family. It was at this point that I truly embraced my responsibility to develop myself into a healthy, productive person, not only to break the cycle in my own family, but in order to affect social change in the world.
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