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Passing on a Message of Inspiration

Devon Graves

By Devon Graves
Student, Cal Poly Pomona
Chair, California State Student Association

My family inspired me to get a college education, and now I have the opportunity to pay it forward and inspire others.

This is my second year speaking at churches throughout the state during CSU Super Sunday about the opportunities college has provided me. For me, Super Sunday is not just speaking about the importance of college; it’s about rekindling the fire for those who have already attended college, and inspiring them to speak to the next generation about going to college.
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Music Opening the Doors to Education

James Van Buren (front row, middle) with members of the Grant High Drum Line after performing at the Medi-Cal event at the State Capitol in June 2013.

James Van Buren (front row, middle) with members of the Grant High Drum Line after performing at the Medi-Cal event at the State Capitol in June 2013.

By James Van Buren
Sac State, Cal Poly Pomona Alumnus

You don’t really understand the power of music until you see it firsthand save someone’s life.  When I received my degree from Cal Poly Pomona and later my credential from Sac State, I went on to teach in some of the most challenging environments. I worked at economically disadvantaged schools that were located in communities ridden with poverty and crime. Some of my students have been emotionally disturbed<Many have been academically challenged and unable to grasp the concept of learning.

I knew I had to create a unique and innovative teaching strategy to reach these kids. I took the concepts I learned at the CSU and made them my own to fit my environment. By integrating the idea of multiple intelligences—which states that students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn in different ways— into my strategy, I was able to use their gift for music to help them become motivated in school and perform better academically.
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Connecting the Dots at CSU Summer Arts

By Ian James
Theatre Arts Student at Long Beach State

Students, faculty coordinators and guest artists share how
CSU Summer Arts has impacted their lives.

I came to Summer Arts expecting to learn the basics about musical theatre and stage combat, but I have taken away more than I could have ever imagined. As a transfer student to Long Beach State, I wasn’t able to develop the typical connections of students who dorm together or who met freshman year. Summer Arts allowed me to share that traditional college experience.

We all come here with one goal in mind: to become a better artist. We are immersed in art 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are constantly collaborating, sharing and pushing each other. More …

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