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Apply by Nov. 30! And More Advice for Prospective Students

Interview with Eric Forbes,
CSU Director of Enrollment Management Services

Eric Forbes records the first of three podcasts of the fall 2011 priority application period at the CSU Central Station U.

Eric Forbes records the first of three podcasts of the fall 2011 priority application period at the CSU Central Station U.

To apply or for more information, please see www.csumentor.edu.




Hello, this is Jennifer Wicks with the California State University.  I’m here with Eric Forbes, who’s been with the CSU for more than 30 years.  He is the CSU Director of Enrollment Management Services, and today we’ll be discussing what students need to know if they are applying for fall 2011.

Eric, thanks for joining us.


I’m happy to be here.


Well, let’s get right into it.  How does the application period for fall 2011 compare to last year?


It’ll be more competitive.  There are now 16 campuses that are impacted at the freshmen level, and 15 at transfer level. 


And when you say impacted, what exactly do you mean by that?


The CSU has many of its campuses impacted at what is called the campus level.  That means they are impacted for first-time freshmen or they’re impacted for new transfers.  When you are under campus impaction there usually is a local area defined.  Preference is given then to students who apply from the local area.  So those coming from out-of-area can still be admitted but they have to meet a higher criteria.

There also is a kind of impaction called program impaction.  But under program impaction it means that each program can establish its own supplemental criteria for admission.


What kind of advice  would you give for a transfer student?


Transfer students need to meet the eligibility criteria, at a minimum, which is: they must maintain a 2.0 overall in all their transfer work, they must have 60 transferrable units, and they must finish the four basic subjects in writing, mathematics, critical reasoning, and speech/communication. 

If I were transferring, I would want to understand about the programs.  And it isn’t simply that they have the program, I would want to know what the requirements are and see how my courses that I completed actually match to that program.


Are applications admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis?


Not at all.  Students are admitted based upon an eligibility index, and that process is usually not run until the end of the initial filing period.  But it is important to know what the end of the initial filing period means.  You need to apply between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30.


And if students have questions, where do you generally direct them?  Where should they go?


Well, the best place to get your questions answered is probably with your high school or community college counselors.  But you can also find information on www.csumentor.edu or any of the admission offices at any of the 23 campuses of the CSU.


Coming from your perspective Eric, after over 30 years here at the CSU and all of your experience in the admissions process, what is the best advice you would give to students?


Pay attention to the deadlines of the campus, get involved in the campus early, visit the campus, understand when orientation is, when registration happens, develop a roadmap as to the courses you want to take, work with your advisers, manage you test requirements if they are there. 

The more prepared you are to go to college, the easier it will be when you get there. 

It’s an exciting time to apply to college.  What an opportunity, you finally reached this milestone in your life.  This is what the next step is about.  It’s a big transition, a big opportunity and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Well thank you very much for joining us Eric, we are happy to have you.  Great information.

And prospective students, make sure you get your application in by Nov. 30.  You heard it here, from the chancellor’s office.  We look forward to seeing you on the campus soon.



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50 Comments to “Apply by Nov. 30! And More Advice for Prospective Students”

  1. akalu kibret hailu, Student from Los Angeles, Says:

    my name is akalu kibret from Ethiopia. now i am a second year accounting student at adama university with 3.59 GPA.i want to have a scholarship.but i can’t able to apply and i don’t know how can i get scholarship chance.

  2. Chrislyn Archer, Student from Long Beach, Says:

    Thank you Eric and Jennifer for recording this podcast. Your interview brings great awareness of the importance of this process. I have submitted my transfer application and I am very excited and eager to begin learning at the college where I will earn my degree!

  3. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello Akalu,

    Please email publicaffairs@calstate.edu and your question will be directed to the right person. Please be sure to include which of the 23 CSU campuses you are interested in.


  4. MWN, Student  Says:

    I am a south african citizenship current doing my s2 in civil engineering in central university of technology,so i kindly apply for admission next year your early respond will be highly apprieciated thaks my imail is XXXXXXXX.

  5. Erik Fallis Says:

    Please submit your application \at http://www.csumentor.edu

  6. Cindy Quan, Other from San Luis Obispo, Says:

    My son took Spanish 2 at the community college in the summer and got an A between 11th and 12th grade this year how do I fill out that section.
    Also the summer before 9th grade he took World Geography/Cultures and Heath, each being worth 1 semester and got an A for each class. How do I include this in the application.
    In 7th grade in middle school he took Algebra 1 and got an A and in and in 8th grade also in the middle school he took Geometry and also got an A. How do I include this on the application? I’d like to include this information since he would like to declare engineering for his major and this strengthens his application.
    Thank you,

    Cindy Quan

  7. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello Cindy,

    Please email publicaffairs@calstate.edu and your question will be directed to the right person. Please be sure to include which of the 23 CSU campuses your son is interested in.


  8. MH, Student from Fresno, Says:

    i am a under graduate student and i learnt the university of fresno please give me a admission and please accept my application because my study is stoped and then continued my study

  9. MH, Student from Fresno, Says:

    admission form

  10. Erik Fallis Says:

    Please submit your application to Fresno State at http://www.csumentor.edu

  11. AJ, Student  Says:

    Hi I accidently submitted my application, saying pay by check or mail in cash. Is there anyway to change and pay by credit card?
    Thank you

  12. Erik Fallis Says:

    Unfortunately not after submitting the application. However, once the campus sends you an acknowledgement of your application you may be able to work with the campus directly to do so.

    I would suggest that you contact the campus admissions office directly. Contact information is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/

  13. FM, Student  Says:

    Dear Mr./Mrs.

    I am an american undergarduate student living abroad in Kuwait , I would like to know the terms and regulations for admission in CSU. my email adress is XXXXX.

    Thank you

  14. Erik Fallis Says:

    Thank you for your question posted to the blog. Please see the two links below which should answer your question.


    If you still have questions, please feel free to email me directly at publicaffairs@calstate.edu

  15. Patti, Other from Sonoma, Says:

    Why does the application only as for current classes being taken and not for the ones that have been completed?

  16. Erik Fallis Says:

    I do not believe that is the case. The application should ask for completed courses.

  17. RY, Student  Says:

    I am unable to view my application statis from any CSU that I have applied with the info I have been sent. I it possible to see the status on CSU Mentor??

  18. Erik Fallis Says:

    Please contact the technical support number for CSU Mentor at http://www.csumentor.edu/Support/contact.asp

    or the campus admission offices to which you applied: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/

  19. SH, Other from Northridge, Says:

    Im a limited xray technician, medical assistant and phlebotomist, looking to continue my education in radiological technologies. I do not have a degree, where do i start?

  20. Erik Fallis Says:

    If you have community college coursework, you will more than likely need to transfer from the community college–in other words, develop a transfer plan and take the appropriate transferable credit bearing courses.

    It is also a good idea to contact a campus admissions office to discuss your options. Contact information is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/

  21. RJ, Student from San Marcos, Says:

    I tried submitting my application online through CSU Mentor but need to know where do I pay the $55 application fee? Is it done through CSU Mentor’s website?

  22. Erik Fallis Says:

    When you click on the payment options and choose the “check” option, an address will pop up or show up on the same page. Normally the check is sent to the campus you are applying to.

  23. MS, Student  Says:

    I recently applied to CSU Stanislaus for the Fall 2011 term, but I decided I want to go to CSUEB instead. What do I do? Am I able to cancel the application process and still get a refund of the $55 application fee?

  24. Erik Fallis Says:

    Unfortunately, you will need to submit another application directed to CSUEB.

  25. Hannah J, Student  Says:

    I am applying to several CSU campuses for Fall 2011. I submitted my SAT scores to the single Mentor code as suggested on your website. I have two questions.
    1) Is there a single place to submit my high school transcripts like the SAT scores?
    2) I spoke with a counselor at one of the campuses who indicated the SAT score reporting is new and a little buggy/difficult. Is this an issue that would best be handled by sending the scores individually? I would rather not pay for each campus indvidually, but not at the cost of failing to have my scores reported at all!



  26. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hi Hannah,

    Once an application is submitted each campus will request transcripts with different deadlines.

    Also, scores submitted via the site should be processed appropriately.


  27. DW, Student  Says:

    I went to a local high school, near Long Beach State. I was accepted to CSULB for the fall 2009, but went to an out of state school. Due to family illness I need to come home and would like to go to CSULB in the fall 2011 as a transfer student. Will it be more difficult for me to be accepted because I went to an out of state school for two years?

  28. Erik Fallis Says:


    Please take a look at this FAQ website for transfers to CSULB

    Given your unique circumstance, I’d also recommend you contact the CSULB Admissions, Records and Registration office at 562-985-5471.


  29. IP, Student  Says:

    I am an international student who currently attend Golden West Community College. I have completed 31 semester units of work but I think only 24 of them are transferable. Am I eligible to apply to transfer to CSU Long Beach for Fall 2011?
    Please response as soon as possible cuz the deadline is coming soon…
    Thank you

  30. Erik Fallis Says:


    Upper-division transfers must complete at least 60 semester or 90 quarter units before transfer. Some students may transfer as a lower division student, but that is increasingly rare in the CSU system.

    For additional requirements and more information please visit: http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/transfer/


  31. mjf, Student  Says:

    i am applying to multiple campuses…can you give me the SAT and ACT codes to send scores to multiple campuses? I only need to send it to just one code…Correct?

  32. Erik Fallis Says:


    Each campus has a code, which you can find by clicking on the profile here:


  33. NYA, Student from Pomona, Says:

    I am a student from Myanmar. I am an international student and I am supposed to leave the GPA field blank but there is an error that keeps telling me to fill in the GPA. Can you please tell me how I can leave the GPA field blank? I am currently preparing for GCE A level and as an international student, I find no area to fill my preparation as well as my GCE O Level grades. Can you please kindly reply what I can do? Thank you very much for your time and help. Please kindly reply as soon as possible since the deadline is drawing very near.

  34. Erik Fallis Says:


    I’ll forward your question to admissions on Monday. In the meantime, please contact the technical support number for CSU Mentor at http://www.csumentor.edu/Support/contact.asp and they may be able to walk you through the process.


  35. ERIKA, Student  Says:

    I have applied to San Diego State and San Jose State; I have looked into Long Beach State, Sacramento State and Fresno State, i need two more. I would like to know what cal state do you recommend for interior design.

  36. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hi Erika,

    CSU Mentor provides a list of campus programs: http://www.csumentor.edu/Select/


  37. Kate, Student from Fullerton, Says:

    I have been trying to finish my application but I keep getting a screen that says it is temporarily unavailable. This has been going on for more than one hour. When I email the support desk from two different email accounts it is getting rejected as undeliverable. Where should I go now?

  38. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hi Kate,

    The system may be busy with the volume of applications. However, if the problem persists here are the options for contacting technical support.

    Call: 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (468-6927) or 310-842-9800


  39. RB, Other  Says:


    I am a Fall 2011 transfer student. I wanted to know if I can make a change to my application after it has been submitted. I think that I will end up dropping one of the classes for which I enrolled in for spring. I remember that in the application it asked me for the classes that I plan to take in the spring of 2011. Will I be able to make a change? Will it hurt my chances of getting into the school?

    Thanks for your time.

  40. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello RB,

    Since the application is already submitted, you should contact the campus(es) that recieved your application.

    The contact information for individual campuses is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/


  41. CMT, Student  Says:

    I am concerned that the application does not allow prospective students to enter extracurricular activities, such as student government and participation in sports. I feel that my participation shows that I am a well rounded student and would do well at several of your campuses, but your application process includes only your review of my grades and SAT scores. Is there a point in the application process where I can send this information in order for you to consider my participation in these activities as a basis for granting admission?

  42. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello CMT,

    The basic requirements for the CSU are set at the system level and published on CSU Mentor: http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_school/

    Impacted campuses or programs may have additional requirements, which you may learn by contacting the campus(es): http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/


  43. BH, Other from Fresno, Says:


    I was wondering if state colleges send out letters if you are denied to there school, because I submitted my application since October but have not heard if I am accepted or not and the deadline is today. Some other applicants have already received a letter saying they were accepted to the same college I applied to and it only took them 2 or 3 weeks to receive the acceptance or nonacceptance letter

  44. josh, Student from San José, Says:

    If I completed my online application by the deadline, but have elected to send in my payment. Will the application be accepted, even though my payment will arrived by mail past the application deadline.

  45. Anonymous, Other from Northridge, Says:

    if you are a student athlete, how will the coaches know that you are interested in coming to the university?

  46. Shan, Student  Says:

    Dear Mr. Fallis,
    I have not taken the ACT yet. However, I am planning to take it on the 11th of December. Will my application be accepted right now? Even without the scores? (i have decided to send the scores from the ACT website directly, but I am not sure whether my application will go through or not.

    Thank you.

  47. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello BH,

    While students can submit applications centrally, the actual admission processing and decision making occurs at the campus.

    The contact information for individual campuses is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour/


  48. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello Josh,

    It will depend on what you indicated as to how you are paying. If you marked that you are paying with a check, then yes, the system will continue the process and will start the review once the check has arrived.

    If you have any concerns about the processing or campus deadlines it is best to make direct contact. While students can submit applications centrally, the actual admission processing and decision making occurs at the campus.

    The contact information for individual campuses is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour


  49. Erik Fallis Says:

    Athletes interested in a particular CSU campus sport should contact the campus Athletic Department’s main office.

    General information for individual campuses is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour

  50. Erik Fallis Says:

    Hello Shan,

    As long as the test is taken by the posted campus preferred dates (which mostly range from Oct. to Dec.) your application will continue through the process.

    It is also probably best that you contact the campus handling your application directly. The contact information for individual campuses is provided here: http://www.csumentor.edu/campustour


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