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By Erin Enguero
CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement
Trustee William Hauck Scholar
Kinesiology Student at San José State

Erin Enguero at the Salzburg Global Seminar

Erin Enguero at the Salzburg Global Seminar

Every time one embarks upon a new adventure, the world changes: one’s perspective, knowledge, and most poignantly, identity. Whether a particular experience is a celebrated success, or the latest challenge overcome, every moment in our lives teaches a valuable lesson that will affect our future choices and decisions, especially in the quest for a higher education. After becoming the CSU trustees’ first hard of hearing awardee in 2012, I met many peers that helped me realize that human beings have an incredible capacity for resilience. Despite the drawbacks we must overcome, we still have the courage to move forward and go beyond expected boundaries to find meaning in our lives by making a difference. 

Thanks to such honorable recognition, doors began to open and I began to understand my own capacity for success. This past year, I have forged closer bonds with several aspects of San José State University including the Kinesiology Department, the Student Health Center, and made new connections with Dean Charles Bullock of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, Student Advancement’s Alumni Association and Givings Department, as well as team members of our newly formed TEDx SJSU. With each connection comes several incredible opportunities; in fact when I decided to apply to the SJSU Salzburg Program, the coordinator recognized my name because of CSU trustees’ recognition! Upon entrance to the program I was then sent to Salzburg Global Seminar this past summer to study the importance of Global Citizenship. Along with an interdisciplinary exposure to a diverse range of fields, we spent a week learning how to become agents of change. Scholars are then asked to globalize SJSU upon their return, and what a perfect campus to be where we already possess a diverse range of backgrounds and talents.

With this in mind, I have decided to put on a cultural showcase that displays a universal love for traditional performance, expression, and (as a true Kinesiology major) movement. Accomplishing such a goal will require connections across the academic and local community – yet by learning to work together through our unique ideas and resources, we can verify our self-worth and strive for a sense of unity amongst the rich cultures of our world.

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    Erin: Very well done. Bill Hauck

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