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The Point Sur

The Point Sur photographed from the coast as it departs for Antartica under cloud cover

On November 29, the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories’ (MLML) Research Vessel Point Sur and its crew departed for Antarctica to provide sea-going support to a number of National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded research teams from around the country.

Below is the first blog entry from the Point Sur’s voyage:

The Point Sur’s home is Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in the Monterey Bay area, but she will be steaming to new foreign ports and traveling over 8,000 miles before reaching the final destination of Palmer Station in Antarctica. This is a very exciting time for the crew in Marine Operations and the entire MLML community!

In Antarctica, we will be supporting various scientific research groups for two months. We will be there in the “summer” as it is the only time of the year a vessel of like ours can navigate around the Palmer peninsula. This is a historic voyage for the Sur and we are proud to be part of supporting science in one of the most remote and dynamic places in the world.

Throughout this journey we will be reporting on the adventure. Look for future posts to learn about the current transit, how we prepared for the trip, what science is happening in the Antarctic region, our cast of characters and, of course, lots of spectacular photos!

Last week, the day the Point Sur departed, one of our local news channels, KION, aired an in-depth report which was an exciting way to profile the beginning of our epic journey.

We will be back with more updates soon, in the meantime, take part in following the Point Sur’s progress underway with the vessel tracker on our website.

CSU Voices and View will also follow the Point Sur – posting images and captions of the ship and crew’s journey.  Below is the first of those images.

The Point Sur, cruising along the coast of Mexico and getting ready to pass Acapulco, is treated to a gorgeous sunset as it sails South.

This photo was taken by India Grammatica who is the relief cook handling the transit South.

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  • Steve H

    Good luck! Be safe and have a great adventure…

  • Carolyn Taylor

    I hope you have a great journey!

  • Vaibhav

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