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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

CSSA officers meet with Marty Block, chairman of the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

Collaboration, commitment and communication were the underlining themes throughout the 2012 California Higher Education Student Summit. Student leaders from 22 CSU campuses came together to work as one in hopes of achieving a common goal: saving higher education.

From April 20-22, members of the California State Student Association (CSSA) participated in workshops at Sacramento State University where they learned how to effectively disseminate key messages, picked up vital leadership techniques and shared ideas of how to lobby.

When the workshop trainings were completed, the students gathered together for an inspirational awards banquet where stories about the positive effects of advocacy were shared, the need for investment in affordable education was expressed, and recognition of campus and individual student accomplishments were lauded. CSSA President Greg Washington concluded the banquet with one simple phrase that incited a roaring round of applause from his peers: “Team work makes the dream work.”

The training and words of inspiration were put into effect on April 23 when CSSA students traveled to the State Capitol Building to meet with legislators. Messages of the need for the reinvestment in higher education resounded throughout the walls of the State Capitol as dozens of CSU student advocacy groups met with key decision makers. CSSA leaders delivered messages that covered topics of concern for students on their respective campus, including financial aid, child care programs and CSU funding.

“As a team, we are representing our campuses,” said Daniel Galvan, chief of staff of CSSA. “We are here representing the voices of 427,000 students of the CSU because we are all made in the CSU.”

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