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Education and the Game of Life

Eric Moore
Founder and Executive Director
Educate California
Alumnus of CSU Long Beach

Moore demonstrates Educate California's 'Gateway' website to students at the California Science Center School.

Moore demonstrates Educate California's 'Gateway' website to students at the California Science Center School.

I grew up in the neighborhood of Bryant Temple AME Church, and this month I am privileged to speak to the congregation on behalf of the California State University African American Initiative during Super Sunday.

Over the last decade, a phenomenal partnership has developed between Cal State, churches and community groups.  This partnership is critical, because I believe that Cal State is frankly the best option for most students.  Cal State campuses provide a great education at an affordable price.  I know as an alumnus of CSU Long Beach, with my youngest son at CSU Northridge, that students get a wonderful university experience.

Beyond talking about the advantages of Cal State, my message at Bryant will be about education itself.  It used to be that education gave you an edge in the game of life, but now you need an education just to take the field.

I credit my mother for pushing me to pursue my degree.  She didn’t know how to articulate getting into college, but she knew it was important.  I’ve heard that same story repeatedly in my work and during Super Sunday.  Parents, grandparents, pastors and youth ministers are all eager to get the information they need to keep their students on a path to success.

The need to equip “influencers” with information on educational opportunities is something that resonates with me.  I spent a decade as a financial planner, but my mom’s death changed that path.  I left my financial planning career and my full-time focus became my oldest son who was struggling in high school.  I wanted to discover what his education barriers were and what I could do to help him succeed.

I believe that as a father I was the only person in a position to influence change in my son’s life.  As he became more firmly committed to an educational and career path that suited him, I continued working to address the needs of other students slipping through the cracks of our education system. My research was invaluable in preparing both of my sons for life after high school. I used to help families make financial investments, now I am helping families invest in education.

Every student in California has the gift of an excellent higher education system.  What they need from us is a structure to reach college and the reassurance that college access is a viable reality.

Note: Moore’s work at Educate California is dedicated to family engagement in education through technology.

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  • Alan Propt

    Education, to me is the key to everything, it is the most widely open door to explore the world and your own potantial.

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