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  • Patron $100 – $249
  • Sponsor $250 – $499
  • Benefactor $500 – $999
  • Angel $1,000 – $4999
  • Director’s Chair $5000+
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Watch a short video about Summer Arts students:

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Students need your support!

100% of donations go directly to student scholarships. CSU Summer Arts is a non-profit organization, and community support is vital to our existence and our ability to provide a meaningful experience for our students.

Why Donate?

Because YOU can change someone’s life. Or several people’s lives…

Summer Arts is a Life-Altering Experience. At Summer Arts, students work long hours in collaborative settings. They are put in an environment where nothing interferes with their creative practice. They are forced to look at themselves in relation to their art and to focus on their own identity. They are questioned about why they do what they do and what it means. By living in-residence with other artisans, they are highly engaged in their discipline and exposed to art in every genre.

What happens as a result of this high-impact practice? Students gain a new perspective on themselves and their art. They learn new ways of seeing the world. Their creative practice is accelerated beyond anything they had previously imagined. They gain new tools not just for their art practice, but for their whole lives. Their potential for success is increased.

How Can You Contribute?

Student Scholarships are vital to the success of Summer Arts. More than 70% of CSU Summer Arts student participants receive scholarship assistance, due in part to private donations and sponsorship as well as support from all CSU campuses. It is our goal that no student is denied the Summer Arts experience on the basis of financial inability. Student enrollment fees range from $1611 – $1977 per student, not including room and board.

Attend Public Events which are offered at little or no charge to the community in order to bring the arts to everyone. The Summer Arts festival features more than 30 public events including performances, lectures, screenings, and exhibits by guest artists from all over the world, as well as student culminations. Ticket proceeds will support the Scholarship Program.