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First let us tell you how cool Summer Arts is!

  • Our students get to study with some of the best artists in the world for two to four weeks.
  • Students get three to six units of transferable undergraduate or graduate college credit.
  • More than 70% of our students receive scholarship assistance.
  • We’re like an artist’s retreat to the nth degree!

We are told constantly by our students how inspired and motivated they are by the Summer Arts experience. They love being able to take two weeks or more of their lives and focus completely on their art without the regular college life distractions like midterms, finals, and research papers.

At Summer Arts, artists are free to explore and surpass boundaries, meet other artists who support and challenge them, and make life-long friends and professional contacts. Our students often keep in touch with each other as well as with the artists who lead the classes, which leads to our students getting jobs!

Taking a Summer Arts class will not only add units to your college transcript and help you to graduate sooner, but you will also be able to add to your resume that you studied and worked with top artists. In the long run, Summer Arts is one of the best personal and professional decisions you could ever make!

So what are you waiting for? Click onto the Courses page, find the genre that interests you the most, and look at the classes we are offering this season. Note that we offer different classes every year, so if you see a course that interests you or an artist you really want to work with, sign up! If we offer it in the future, it may not be for a couple of years, so take advantage of it now!

Want more personalized information? Contact Joanne Sharp, Assistant Director, at, or at 562-951-4065.

We look forward to meeting you!