Coordinators (CSU Faculty)

We are always looking for great arts faculty to join CSU Summer Arts!

You are our link to what the students are learning, want to learn, and need to learn in the classes on your campus. You know what excites and motivates them. At Summer Arts, we give you the opportunity to bring those talented and enthusiastic arts students together with some of the top artists in the world and watch the magic that unfolds. Some of these artists are your friends and colleagues, and some are on the wish list of professionals that you have always wanted to work and study with, too.

About 18 months prior to a given season, Summer Arts convenes a group of faculty interested in proposing courses to be offered. Each year brings a varied number of proposals which are then narrowed down to between 14 and 19 courses, in an effort to offer one to three classes in each visual arts, theatre, dance, music, creative writing, new media, and arts education. Most courses are two weeks long (we occasionally offer three- and four-week long courses), and take place on the resident campus for Summer Arts (we’re currently hosted by Fresno State) unless you coordinate one of the Summer Arts international courses which may take place in locations around the world. Note that only CSU faculty members (tenured, tenure-track, and lecturers) are accepted as course coordinators, as we are a CSU program. If you are faculty at a non-CSU campus, you may want to check out the Guest Artists¬†information on our website.

So what’s the payoff?

  • Work with world-class artists and add this experience to your resume and tenure file.
  • Have an entire class full of students who want to be there and are hungry for a fulfilling arts experience. Two intense weeks of art, one class, no exams to grade.
  • You get paid!

Want to learn more and get on the list of faculty to propose and discuss courses for an upcoming season? Contact Rachel Nardo, Director of Summer Arts, at 562-951-4066, or email

We look forward to meeting you!