Want to submit your work in the festival?

CSU Summer Arts Presents
The 23rd annual Media Arts Festival

The 2013 Media Arts Festival was on Saturday, November 9, 2013 – CSU Fullerton, Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

The Festival was co-Sponsored by the Department of Radio, Television, and Film and the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics Entertainment and Tourism Management Program.

Thanks to all who attended the Festival. We loved seeing all the students, faculty, and audience!

Special thanks to all the mixer guests and to our Keynote Speaker, Donald Petrie. You were fantastic!


Best In Show
Edith and the Bear
Hillary Bradfield

Audience Choice
Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School
Joshua Hoh

First Place – Animation
Edith and the Bear
Hillary Bradfield

Second Place – Animation
Typewriter’s Café
Patricia Pham

Third Place – Animation
Nina Sharifi

First Place – Documentary
Of Beaches & Beer
Raeanne DuPont

Second Place – Documentary
Hurricane Hellman
Chelsea Gray

Third Place – Documentary
Searching for Answers
Dee Thao

Fourth Place – Documentary
Brian Favorite

First Place – Experimental
Pat Clark

Second Place – Experimental
Einstein’s Dream
Adam Webber

Third Place – Experimental
Long Ago
Eseraele Alemu

First Place – Interactive Media
Eamon Stewart

Second Place – Interactive Media
Nicole Couch

Third Place – Interactive Media
Dani Kwan

First Place – Music Video
Looking for Love
Kristine Kirchmeier and Matthew Unwin

Second Place – Music Video
Onuinu – “Always Awkward”
Mark C. Roe

Third Place – Music Video
Waltz in the Dark by Tarik Bryant
Ryan Sidney

Fourth Place – Music Video
Little Mama
Beatriz Ortega and Joaquin Silva Duarte

First Place – Narrative
Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School
Joshua Hoh

Second Place – Narrative (tie)
Plane White Tee
Clay Southerland and Devon Dolan

Second Place – Narrative (tie)
Debbie’s Share
Montica Pes

Third Place – Narrative
Lucid 8
Amanda Campbell

First Place – Television
Stacey Lee

Second Place – Television
Why We Design
Antonio Ayala

First Place – Short Screenplay
Emotional Coupe
Viki Lopez

Second Place – Short Screenplay
Bar Again
Mark Ashmore

Third Place – Short Screenplay
Akos Meggyes

Fourth Place – Short Screenplay
Alexandra Parral

First Place – Feature Screenplay
Rasputin’s Resurrection
Liam Goulding

Second Place – Feature Screenplay
Coyote Children
Christy Becker

Third Place – Feature Screenplay
The Art of Growing Gardenias
Andrew Tucker

Fourth Place – Feature Screenplay
Bored to Death: Don’t Shoot the Messenger
John Morin

CSU Summer Arts plays a major role in expanding the opportunities for talented film, video and interactive media students. By offering two- and four-week masterclasses for college credit during the Summer Arts Festival in July, and by offering the Media Arts Festival in November, we help give a voice to the talented CSU students who study at the world’s largest university, the California State University.