Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Summer Arts take place?
CSU Summer Arts is hosted by Fresno State.

If Summer Arts takes place at Fresno State, why are there different campuses listed for each of the Course Coordinators?
The Course Coordinators work during the school year at one of the 23 CSU campuses. Because Summer Arts takes place at Fresno State, the Course Coordinators move to Fresno for the time period of their workshop.

What is the deadline to apply for courses?
The deadlines are determined by the session of the course. Check the “How to Apply” section of the course for the specific course deadline.

When is the Scholarship Application due?
It’s best to submit your Scholarship Application along with your Registration Form so that all of your paperwork is received at the same time. Both are to be received in the Summer Arts Registration Office by deadline for the course.

I’m not a current student (of the CSU or any other university). Can I still apply for scholarship assistance?
Yes, you may apply for scholarship assistance. You do not need to be a currently enrolled student.

I’m an international student – can I attend Summer Arts?
International students are welcomed at CSU Summer Arts. Fees are the same as for non-California residents.

I’m an international student – do I qualify for scholarship assistance?
Yes, if you show need and talent, it is possible to receive scholarship assistance.

I cannot afford to attend CSU Summer Arts – what can I do?
There are scholarships available. To apply, you need to complete the Scholarship Application, and send it in with your financial backup, your written statement, and your completed Registration Form. For more information, please visit our Registration & Scholarship section.

I am a minor (under the age of 18) – am I able to attend?
Qualified minor participants 16 YEARS OR OLDER are able to attend Summer Arts. There is additional paperwork that the parent or guardian of the student must complete, however. If you will not be 16 years old by the time Summer Arts starts, you should check out our sister program for high school students, the California State Summer School for the Arts.

I am California State University faculty or staff – do I get any discounts if I want to come? What if I am the dependent of a CSU faculty or staff member?
Faculty/staff fee waivers apply to applicants who are full-time or part-time faculty or staff of the California State University and have been certified through their campus fee waiver program. Summer Arts also accepts faculty/staff dependent fee waivers. There is no enrollment fee for eligible faculty and staff members, and eligible dependents pay $24. Waiver recipients do pay course materials fees, if applicable. Fee waiver application forms are available at the applicant’s home campus personnel office and must be approved by the applicant’s home campus and submitted upon receipt of a bill for enrollment fees. Housing fees are not covered by the fee waiver.

I can only attend one week of Summer Arts – can I still apply?
Due to the intense nature of the Summer Arts workshops, it is not possible to attend for only part of a session. Participants must plan on attending the entire course.

It’s past the deadline to send in my application – is there any way I can still apply?
To apply to Summer Arts past the deadline, you should first contact the course coordinator(s) via email to see if he/she is still accepting applications. In many cases, it is possible to apply after the deadline date.

I’ve applied to a course at Summer Arts – when do I know if I get in or not?
You will be notified of acceptance into a Summer Arts workshop no later than one week after the application deadline. In some cases, you may be notified as soon as a week after we receive your application materials.

I am coming to Summer Arts with a friend whom I would like to bunk with – how do I make that happen?
There is a space on the housing reservation form to request a specific roommate. BOTH people must indicate their choice of roommate in order to room together.

I plan to stay on campus – can I just pay for my housing and not my meals?
All rooms include meals. Housing only plans are not available.

I plan to live off campus – can I still eat on campus with my classmates?
Meals can be purchased at the door of the dining hall for participants staying off campus.

How can I get information about disability accommodations?
CSU Summer Arts wishes to make all Summer Arts programs accessible to people with disabilities where practical. For full consideration of your disability-related needs, please contact Joanne Sharp at or 562-951-4065 at least 30 days before the start of your workshop.

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