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Eric HsuMS

Eric Hsu
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Director, Center for Science and Math Education
San Francisco State University
Category: Mathematics

In 2006, Eric Hsu established two service-learning programs: Early Field Experience, and the CSME Teaching Fellowships.

Hsu’s self-designed course Math 375: Early Field Experience pairs math majors with local teachers. Students volunteer in the classroom, observing and reporting, then tutoring and helping with group work, and sometimes even leading class sessions. The students debrief their observations and collectively analyze videotapes of the classes in a weekly 3-hour seminar.

The CSME Teaching Fellowships, the flagship program of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, support more than 50 science and math majors interested in a K-12 teaching career annually. The students carry out educational service in local math and science classrooms and other learning environments, such as SF Math Circles and the Exploratorium; help at family math and science nights; and support community math/science fairs such as Expanding Your Horizons and the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals. The CSU Chancellor’s Office calls it “a model for the state and nation.”

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