Faculty In Action


Dr. Bianca Mothé
Professor, Biological Sciences
CSU San Marcos
Category: Science

Open Quotation

Our service-learning opportunities have opened up the possibility of community outreach in the sciences. Students are now looking for courses where they can conduct more of these activities.”


Through two of Dr. Mothé’s service-learning courses, Molecular Cell Biology and Virology, CSU San Marcos students create fun and engaging lessons for elementary and middle school students that are grade-appropriate, reinforce the state educational standards and also spark interest in STEM. These efforts are a part of a larger “Science Center” housed at a local elementary school and lead by Dr. Mothé, to involve CSUSM students from a variety of STEM disciplines in creating lessons for K-8 students. For example, fourth graders learned about population dynamics and food supply by playing a game acting as moose, plants and wolves in Yellowstone. Other lessons facilitated by CSUSM students in chemistry, mathematics and biotechnology focus on human senses, DNA, microbiology and chemistry.

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