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About Science and the CSU

Welcome to the Science and the CSU, a blog that focuses on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related realms in The California State University.

Through news, features, updates and insights, Science and the CSU covers the CSU’s systemwide initiatives – for example, in biotechnology, ocean science, water resources and agriculture. It also spotlights various activities, events, resources, research and discoveries at the CSU’s 23 campuses.

In laboratories, at field sites and through programs throughout the CSU, students, faculty and collaborating scientists advance California’s capacity to address key issues in health, the environment, energy, telecommunications, and climate.

As Science and the CSU provides in-depth and timely articles on science-related topics within the CSU, it extends the reach of CSU’s array of blogs, which includes Research Updates, Voices and Views, and Commitment to Sustainability.

Ways to Contribute

Science and the CSU welcomes readers’ ideas for blog entries relevant to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the CSU. To suggest a topic or submit a posting for consideration, please email a note Mike Uhlenkamp, at In your note, please provide a brief description of your topic; a few helpful relevant links, images, or other resources if available; and your contact information, including email and phone; and – if affiliated with the CSU – your campus, position and department (or class level and major if you are a student).

Science and the CSU allows you to post comments to each article. Posting a comment is voluntary and requires the following information: a name (either your real name or a screen name of your choice) and the campus with which you are associated (if any). Your blog posting will include this information as part of the public discussion.

Entries and comments are entirely the views of the author, and are not necessarily the view of the CSU administration or the CSU Board of Trustees. The CSU is not liable for any damages that may result from the voluntary participation, through entries or comments, in blog discussions.

CSU staff may contact you to provide additional information or invite you to participate in social media discussions.


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