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CSU Chancellor’s Office Greets Endeavour

September 21, 2012

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The CSU gets an amazing close up view of both shuttle and 747 as they cross above the university’s headquarters.

Late last year, we brought you the story of work that CSU aeronautical engineering programs are doing to ensure the U.S. continues to send humans to space after the Endeavour retires.  Today, the CSU Chancellor’s Office greets the shuttle itself as it flies piggyback to its new home at the California Science Center.

Chancellor Reed and CSU employees watch for the Endeavour as word spreads that the 747 carrying the shuttle is approaching Long Beach.

Large crowds gather on the Queensway Bridge and deck of the Queen Mary waiting for the flyover.

The Endeavour, carrier and chase planes approach the CSU Chancellor’s Office flying over waiting boats, a cruise ship and the Queen Mary.

The three planes and shuttle pass directly over the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

Shuttle, carrier and chase plane leave a lasting impression as they turn toward the U.S.S. Iowa and prepare to land at LAX.

Photos by Justin Curtin, CSU multi-media specialist, and Erik Fallis, CSU media relations manager.

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