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Igniting Fire Research at HSU’S Fire Lab

November 15, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

HSU Fire Lab

In 2012, federal agencies spent $1.9 billion battling wildfires in the United States. Wildfires are getting larger, causing more damage and becoming more dangerous and expensive to fight. Humboldt State University’s Wildland Fire Laboratory is working to understand the flammability differences of fuels in an effort to better manage wildfires and lessen the negative impacts they can have on ecosystems.

As one of only three universities in the nation to have an active indoor fire research lab, HSU’s Wildland Fire Lab houses state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technologies that allow students and faculty to work together to study fire behavior. Faculty and students conduct research that tests the flammability of different fuels (tree debris, grasses and decomposed organic matter that help spread wildfires) using the fire lab’s burning facility, thermal infrared imaging camera and fire modeling software.

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Archive Enables Salton Sea Solutions

October 31, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

Salton Sea

Southern California’s Salton Sea is a big, complicated problem, and for the past 30 years, lawmakers, farmers, environmentalists, water agencies and other stakeholders have been trying to solve it.

In fact, it’s hard to keep track of all the work that’s been done. The Salton Sea Authority, a joint powers authority that aims to revitalize the sea, fears that the same research is being recommissioned. That would waste valuable time and resources as the sea’s condition continues to deteriorate.

By creating a Salton Sea Repository, the Water Resources Institute (WRI) at CSU San Bernardino is facilitating potential solutions. The archives are expected to help the Salton Sea Authority and others assess and understand potential restoration plans—with all of the research and documents in one place, they don’t have to start from scratch.

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Fresno State Alumnus Awarded WRPI Scholarship

September 6, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

The California State University Water Resources and Policy Initiative (WRPI) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently selected a Fresno State alumnus to receive the first-ever WRPI/USDA scholarship for post-graduate research.

Irvin Arroyo was selected for the WRPI/USDA Watershed Management Doctoral Scholarship, a new addition to WRPI’s Watershed Management Internship Program. The $40,000 scholarship was created to support underrepresented students pursuing post-graduate study in the food, agriculture and natural resource sciences.

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Reviving the L.A. River

July 8, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

Looking downstream at the Glendale Narrows. Unlike most of the river, this stretch has an earthen bottom.

The Los Angeles River recently became a summer haven for fishers and kayakers. In June, a 2.5 mile stretch called the Glendale Narrows opened up for public recreation–the first time in 80 years that the public could legally access any part of the river.

In an effort to combat devastating floods in L.A.’s low-lying neighborhoods, the entire river system was channelized in the 1930’s. Since then, the river has primarily served as a flood control channel—not a river.

Although efforts to revitalize the river have existed for decades, the new recreational activities are bringing them to life in a different way.

Cal Poly Pomona urban and regional planning professor Meredith McKenzie says the LA River Revitalization Project is not only about restoring the river, but restoring the public perception that there is a river—and it’s part of our natural ecosystem. Read more »

“Why We Chase Storms”

June 5, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

The devastation caused by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma has generated controversy and curiosity about storm chasers—those who follow deadly weather for the sake of science, fascination or curiosity.

San Francisco State meteorology professor John Monteverdi is one of them. The atmospheric scientist just returned from the field where he has been observing one of nature’s most unforgiving environments.

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Competition Highlights Student Research

May 14, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

CSU student research Rose-Matthew Rose of Cal Poly Pomona talks with judges about his research, "Obstacle Avoidance for a Quadrotor Using Light Weight and Inexpensive Sensors," as part of the 27th Annual California State University Student Research Competition at Cal Poly Pomona May 10, 2013.

A Humboldt State student found that stem cells have the potential to help the bones of older individuals heal faster after breaking.

A team of Cal State L.A. engineering students developed new experimental designs for supersonic rockets.

A Cal Poly Pomona student is testing a new vaccine for the flu.

These are just a few of the nearly 200 student researchers who presented projects at the CSU’s 27th annual Student Research Competition at Cal Poly Pomona May 10-11.

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SCMI Pursuing a Mission of Research and Education

April 23, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

Students participating in lab and field research during the CSU Marine Biology Semester

Students participating in lab and field research during the CSU Marine Biology Semester

The Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI) —a consortium of 11 Southern California universities, including eight CSU campuses—has been providing marine research and education support to the CSU for over 15 years. Committed to offering marine expertise and hands-on field experience to students, the SCMI develops science education programs, facilitates research in marine science, and works with university and community members to execute environment monitoring projects.
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Catching up with CSU’s Watershed Management Interns

April 9, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

In 2011, the CSU’s Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI) launched a four-year internship program intended to harness the research capacity of CSU faculty and students in order to address the critical water issues facing California.

The USDA-funded Watershed Management Internships are already giving CSU students valuable hands-on experience. The interns delve into various aspects of natural resource protection carried out by three USDA agencies: the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Agricultural Research Service and the Forest Service.

The first year saw a variety of projects on a wide range of topics, incorporating many aspects of environmental issues in California. Below are just a few examples of the work these students and faculty are doing:

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Going Global at the World Ag Expo

February 27, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

Every February, 100,000 visitors from more than 70 countries flock to a small town in California’s Central Valley for the largest farm equipment and technology show in the world. Though its location may seem remote, the World Ag Expo takes place in one of our nation’s most important agricultural regions.

The CSU students and researchers that headed to the International Agri-Center in Tulare for this year’s expo Feb. 12-14 showcased some of what they do to help California maintain its status as an agricultural powerhouse.

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SJSU, Cal Poly Take Charge in Energy Innovation

February 14, 2013

Category: A Closer Look

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama called on America to advance clean energy research and technology. Obama said that investment in clean energy innovation holds the most promise for both our environment and economy.

San José State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently made announcements regarding their roles in such innovation: SJSU has launched a program to train students for the fast-emerging energy storage industry, and Cal Poly received a $1.3 million grant to help turn San Luis Obispo’s wastewater into energy.

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