Cecilia Muñoz


“You have learned a lot, but you don’t know everything yet. And sometimes knowing what you don’t know is a very powerful thing.

For example, when you’re in the Oval Office briefing the President and he asks you something point blank, and you don’t know the answer – at that very moment you have a couple of choices.You can: One, make up an answer and hope that it doesn’t inadvertently lead to major crisis or economic collapse or, two, tell the President you don’t have the answer for him, but that you’ll get it right away.I have chosen No. 2. And as you start your professional life, I would encourage you to do the same. Knowing what you don’t know, and filling those gaps by asking questions will get you a lot farther than faking answers.”
Cecilia Muñoz| CSU Monterey Bay Keynote Speaker, Adviser to President Obama and Director of the Domestic Policy Councilat CSU Monterey Bay