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Entertainment Industry Initiative

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Sony Pictures Marketing Intern | Southern California

The nature of the projects depends on the intern's relevant coursework, or what they will be taking the next
semester. We try to tailor projects to give them real world examples and analyses of concepts or issues that
may have been only theoretical in their classes. Interns are also encouraged to craft their own projects of
they find an aspect of strategic marketing especially fascinating, and we work with the, on positioning a
theory and then investigating the answer. The intern will get an opportunity to work with nearly every other
department in Marketing. They will learn how to create a strategic marketing campaign, and how it supports other
spokes in the marketing wheel such as digital marketing, creative advertising, media, publicity, and more.
Interns will also learn the intricacies of ad testing, tracking, focus groups, and research screenings.

The intern will be responsible for contributing to the successful execution of fieldwork and the
accurate delivery of reports pertaining to ad tests, film tracking studies, exit pol/s, focus groups,
recruited audience screenings and custom studies. This work will involve assistance in the preparation
and quality control of deliverables (data inspection, chart/table creation, building presentations).
Additionally, the intern will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of research databases.
We also like to involve interns in our brainstorming sessions when developing film marketing campaigns.
We have found interns to be a vital source regarding the latest social media trends, pop culture wisdom and the like.

This is an internship that allows for a comprehensive view of film marketing. Specifically, the internship will provide:
-A close understanding of how end-to-end market research is conducted in the entertainment industry, from initial study
concept development and research design, to data fielding and analysis, and ultimately to the reporting of actionable
-knowledge of how large and complex organizations use and disseminate research findings to accomplish strategic goals;
-opportunity to learn how to craft a strategic marketing campaign, and how it supports other spokes in the marketing wheel
such as digital marketing, creative advertising, media, publicity, etc.; and a chance to conduct one's own study or project
of interest utilizing existing departmental resources and/or data that will serve both the intern's own professional goals
as well as SPE's strategic goals. Past internship studies/projects have tackled such topics as "The Role of Social Media
on US Film Attendance", "The Most Popular US Celebrities in 11 International Territories", and "The Role of Weather on the
U.K. Box Office". An Executive Summary of the findings is expected.

The Spectrum Internship Program's fall session is a part-time, 20 hour/ week commitment lasting for a 15 week period
from early September through mid-December. All applicants must be in good academic standing and available for the entire
15 week session.

Qualifications and Experience:
* Flexible and able to prioritize and re-prioritize tasks within very fluid situations
* Able to multi-task, with a proven track record of meeting deadlines and working under tight time constraints
* Strong MS Excel and PowerPoint skills required
* Strong interpersonal capabilities.
* Able to work independently and as part of a team
* Some knowledge/experience with the production and formatting of visuals, written reports, and presentations.