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Student in production studio


Web Drama Featuring SFSU Alumni Leaps to Success!

A dramatic online series features Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts alumni in front of the camera and behind the scenes. In two seasons, Hulu’s Leap Year has bounded to success, winning Best Drama at the 2013 International Academy of Web Television Awards and Best Branded Entertainment Series at the 2013 Streamy Awards.

Dustin Toshiyuki (B.A., ’07) is Leap Year sound supervisor and a cast member, portraying Glenn Cheeky. Haley Klarfeld (B.A., ’12) is production coordinator.

The series follows a group of Silicon Valley friends who lose their jobs, follow their dreams and start their own business. A scene from season two was shot on campus. Daily Dot writes: “This quirky series about four friends who get laid off and start their own business has something we’d never expect to find in a series about venture startups sponsored by an insurance company: warmth.”

You can view Leap Year here!