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Intern Spotlight: Geoff Norman!

My name is Geoff Norman, and I am a recent alumnus of San Francisco State University.  I am 26 years old, and I am in the process of finding new career

interests through my internship at Dick Clark Productions.

My immediate work as an Editorial intern has exposed me practices that have tested our skills and ability to work as a team.  Doubling as a Development intern, I have learned more about communication in our industry, and how to support marketable ideas with good research and design.  However, between being a grip on a promo video with celebrities on my second day of the internship, and administrative work in the office, I have had a variety of experiences that have broadened my career interests immensely.

The favorite part of my internship is participating in research and development for new content, and seeing what ideas are translated into later pitches and products.  There has always been a disconnect for me between having a great idea and seeing how it becomes a reality, but going through the development process has taught me a lot about how a mercurial idea becomes tangible enough to be taken seriously.  That, and working with our supervisors has taught me about what it means to be a true professional and their mentorship has meant so much to me.

The greatest challenge I experienced was that I participated in preproduction right before the Streamy Awards in the first two weeks of the internship.  It was exciting to be a part of something this big for the first time, but it also meant I had to embrace the furious pace of production and establish myself very quickly.  Without knowing everyone on the team and my place in it, I was already shooting B-roll on the day of the event, and I immediately saw the benefits of stepping up to new responsibilities and challenges.

Overall, there is so much I would not have known if I hadn’t moved the 350 miles away from home to intern here.  With the experience of two live award shows, being mentored, an intern produced short comedy pilot, networking, and the reputation of DCP’s multi-decade performance, I cannot measure the full impact this internship will have on my career. I am very grateful for the community I have joined through this internship, and our connections have lifelong implications for us as friends and colleagues.

These past few months are unforgettable, and I hope many other students can share the same opportunity to get a head start in their careers as CSU Media Interns.