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Entertainment Industry Initiative

Student in production studio


Intern Spotlight!

My name is Destinee Cordeiro. I am a 21 year old senior majoring in television and film with a focus in broadcast journalism at Cal State Los Angeles. My future career objective is to become an Executive Producer for an entertainment news program, to start my own production company and to be a full driving force within the entertainment industry.

I currently intern at CBS where I work with the shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “omg! Insider”.

Being an intern has so many perks! Being with professionals and networking with them and finding mentors who want to share with you their lifestyles and what they do is very inspiring.

As an intern, I learn something new everyday. What most stands out to me is the fact that over time I have learned how to interact with those I work with on a professional level. This opens up so many doors and I’m very lucky to have gotten that opportunity. I am also getting real hands on experience in a variety of different departments and I really get to learn the ins and outs of what goes into an entertainment news program.

The most challenging aspect I have had to overcome in this internship is not focusing my energy on what my fellow peers and other interns are doing around me. While interning, I have come to find out that not every individual is as motivated as I am and sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track when others around you are unprofessional. Being in this industry is all about perseverance and not allowing the little things get to you. It’s about overcoming obstacles and challenges and just getting through it.

This internship will help me tremendously in the future. The opportunities I have had to network are invaluable. I will have a much easier time finding a job because I have learned so much of what goes on to put on a show. I have also worked in many different departments and now have that experience to add onto my resume.