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Entertainment Industry Initiative

Student in production studio


Intern of the Week!

Sydney is a CSU student and was chosen as the CSU Entertainment Industry Initiative Intern of the week!  Sydney discusses her internship at Liquid Theory below.

My name is Sydney Roberson. I’m twenty-two years old, and I would like to be a producer in either film or television.

My favorite part of my internship is having the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of interesting and talented people.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy film/TV development, more-so than my original career plan (Editing). I’ve learned the whole pitch process, and how hard it can be. And I’ve also learned how long it could take for a project to finally reach the production stage.

I think the most challenging element is voicing my opinion on a film or television idea when it goes against my supervisors’ opinions. The whole “Who am I to say anything?” pops into my head and I have to remind myself that they asked my opinion for a reason.

I’m one step closer to having a career I love because I was an intern. Completing this internship allowed me to gain experience in development, on-set production,     and even assistant/office work. Now, I can be considered for jobs because I know what I’m doing. Plus, I now know professionals in the industry who can introduce me to the right people or who can always call me up when a paid job comes in.