The California State University

Entertainment Industry Initiative

Student in production studio


From Students

The internship was absolutely fantastic. I worked 40 hours a week for 3 months paid doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I did some 2D work in flash, but mostly 3D work, modeling and texturing in Max. I got the chance to work alongside some of the best artists I’ve ever run across and learn from them. I learned industry standard software and will probably have a job when I graduate. I really encourage students to apply to The CSU Media Internship program and seek whatever avenues that are available to them to find an internship. My internship improved my skills and gave me the opportunity to socialize with future coworkers and to network. The social aspect of this industry is as important as one’s ability to get the job done. So, getting out there and meeting professionals is of dire importance.

Rachelle Daniele | CSU Chico

The people in the company were super nice, kind, and good at teaching. I learned how to use cameras, set up equipment to shoot commissions/events, edit footage with Avid, and more.

Yasufumi Higuchi | San Francisco State University

I was a studio/control room intern at Revision3, which is a TV station on the web. I learned a great deal from the experience. They let me pick some of my own projects and things, like directing their Friday morning live show in the control room, and re-wiring their patch panels in the racks. Staying at SFSU was also great.

Jeff Zimmerlin | San Diego State University

I was an intern at KCET, which jump started continuous phone calls from other internship opportunities. Ever since that first phone call I have had an internship every quarter, each one giving me a better experience than the last.

Bianca Solé | CSU Los Angeles

I was very excited about my internship at NBC Universal. I am still grateful for the internship and I learned more about myself. I am definitely equipped for this industry. I am 10xs stronger now. I don’t let anything intimidate me. I’ve met people from all levels. I’m ready– glad to have experience this internship.

Joanna Mills | CSU Dominguez Hills

It gave me the opportunity to reach many different companies, many of which I was unaware were offering internships. Also, the internship was a great experience for both my education and personal experience.

Judy Khuu | San Diego State University

The CSU Media Program is a great tool for students. Many opportunities are not open to those without experience and the program helps these people find positions that would be hard for someone to find on their own.

Sherrie Bass | CSU Los Angeles

From Employers

We couldn’t ask for anything more from our two perfect CSU Media interns. The students are diligent, hard-working, reliable, and best of all, desire to absorb as much television production experience as possible. It’s refreshing and fun to have CSU students join our team. We will continue to recruit from the CSU Media Internship program in the future! It’s a fantastic program for employers and students alike.


Your internship program came highly recommended to me, and I was wondering what the process is for posting internship opportunities with you. We are looking for two interns for the fall semester, each for two days per week.

Julie Epstein | Office of Gail Lyon

During the semester, our CSU MIP intern gave a yeoman’s effort and really cranked out the content. He will probably return next semester and act as the student leader for the project.

Richard Bartlebaugh | SFGOV TV