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Entertainment Industry Initiative

Student in production studio


We are fortunate to enjoy the participation of hundreds of media industry professionals in many different capacities. From serving on our Advisory Board, to speaking and working on campuses as Visiting Fellows, to employing CSU students through the Media Internship Program, talented and generous media industry professionals contribute to—and benefit from—the Entertainment Industry Initiative.


Serve as a Visiting Fellow–If you are available to speak or teach or participate in other activities on any of the CSU campuses, we would love your participation! To be added to our master list of speakers, festival judges, etc., please contact Arouj Khan and let her know you'd like to be a part of the Visiting Fellows program.

Hire a CSU student intern–CSU media entertainment arts departments place over 1000 student a year in academic credit internships. The EII supports these activities by maintaining a list of opportunities for students. Our hard-working students are available year-round to intern in many different areas of the media industry. To list an internship, e-mail the Media Internship Program: and we will contact you to follow up with your listing.


We couldn't ask for anything more from our two perfect CSU Media interns. The students are diligent, hard-working, reliable, and best of all, desire to absorb as much television production experience as possible. It's refreshing and fun to have CSU students join our team. We will continue to recruit from the CSU Media Internship program in the future! It's a fantastic program for employers and students alike.
During the semester, our CSU MIP intern gave a yeoman's effort and really cranked out the content. He will probably return next semester and act as the student leader for the project.
Richard Bartlebaugh | SFGOV TV
I always enjoy having Cal State students, because they always come so well prepared.
Julie Sone | KABC-TV7