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Entertainment Industry Initiative

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The 23 campuses of the California State University feature a variety of colleges and departments addressing various aspects of entertainment and media industries. With thousands of majors statewide, the California State University is the largest audio, video, film and interactive media educational institution in the world!

Department of Communications
Students completing a major in Communications have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in related activity and production courses as well as internships. They may concentrate their study in one of three areas of emphasis (Journalism, Public Relations, and Digital Media), with a requirement for general familiarity in the other two areas. The general emphasis of this program is upon breadth and flexibility in preparation for a diversity of career opportunities. The department offers a minor in Communications and a certificate in each Communications Concentration: Public Relations, Journalism, and Digital Media.

Art Program
The CSU Channel Islands Art Program features in-depth study in Digital Media Art focusing on interactive multimedia, web design and social media production, traditional animation, 3D computer animation, visual effects for film and video, and digital game design. CSUCI offers the BA degree and a Certificate in Digital Media Art and a Minor in Computer Gaming Design. Our state of the art facilities include two fully loaded computer labs, and the new Mike Curb Studios that house a TV/Video production facility, post production, animation processing, and audio/recording studio.

Communication Design Department, Option in Media Arts
The Media Arts Option in the Communication Design Department and its faculty are focused on providing students a solid foundation in digital video, audio and multimedia production. Our curriculum includes hands on production courses as well as instruction in management, writing and theory. Students complete a senior capstone collaborative digital media project and participate in a variety of internships with local, state, and national media.

Applied Computer Graphics Program
Video Games and Animated Films are the industries of choice of the Applied Computer Graphics student. We make it our priority to prepare students for successful professional careers in the computer graphics fields through our innovative program based on the synergy of art and technology. Using the latest 3D software, compositing packages and game engines, students will learn to successfully tie their unique skills and creativity (3D modeling, animating, design artist, level designing or technical design, etc.), into collaborative groups to produce industry quality animated shorts and video games.

Digital Media Arts
Digital Media Arts offers a professionally-oriented, hands-on B.A. degree program geared for students who want marketable job skills for careers in television, motion picture, music recording, sound design, and interactive media. The program has a state-of-the-art Television Studio, two Recording Studios, ten video editing bays, and two Mac Labs with 45 stations equipped with the latest software. The program has 120 majors with degree options in: 1) Audio Recording; 2) Music Technology; and 3) Television Arts, plus required Minors in 1) Motion Graphics or 2) Music.

Department of Theatre and Dance
Theatre and Dance puts creativity first. Our majors land in so many fields, on stage, back stage, and in media, that we know our encouraging approach to experimentation and diversification works. We are going one step further and working towards joining with other departments into a school of arts and media within two years.

The Communication Department, Media Productions Option
The Media Productions Option at Cal State University, East Bay offers hands-on instruction for students studying film, and television. We focus on the convergence of the media in news and entertainment. Our 400 plus majors work on professional production equipment and learn to creatively and effectively work in teams. The faculty is committed to helping students achieve their career goals. Increasingly the Communication Department collaborates with the Art and Multimedia Programs to further our vision of converging media.

Mass Communication & Journalism Department
The MCJ Department offers hands-on instruction and real-world experiences for students studying broadcast/print journalism, digital media, electronic media, advertising, or public relations. We educate students using industry-leading software and connect students with professionals through real-world projects. The MCJ faculty members are committed to educating our students and helping them to achieve their goals. Last year we graduated 153 majors who are now pursuing successful careers.

Department of Art & Design
The Animation/New Media emphasis in the Department of Art & Design allows students both a theoretical and practical approach to working with digital media. Students learn storyboard creation, 2D/3D animation, interactivity, video, and motion graphics. Students engage with a wide variety of digital software programs, all of which are used in the professional industry today.

Department of Radio-TV-Film
The Department of Radio-TV-Film at California State University, Fullerton offers a comprehensive curriculum and an active learning environment to prepare students for meaningful careers in film and telecommunication – broadcast, cable, satellite, wireless, digital, and interactive media. We offer a variety of courses in critical studies, production, and writing, covering many aspects of electronic media and cinema. Professionally engaged faculty challenge students to expand their knowledge and skills through intellectual inquiry and creative projects, encouraging them to become critical life-long learners and ethical media content creators.

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics – Entertainment & Tourism Management
Entertainment & tourism is one of the largest, most robust areas of business in Southern California. Motion pictures, television, recorded music, video games, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and casino gaming are just some of the products and services offered by these industries. In addition to artistic talent, these industries demand armies of business people who manage the processes that complete and deliver these products and services to millions of people. These managers, trained in law, accounting, management, information technology, finance, marketing, and more, are found in both small and large entertainment and recreation focused firms where they receive some of the best salaries in the region. To meet the demand, the Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics offers a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Entertainment & Tourism Management to prepare students for employment in these exciting and rewarding arenas.

Department of Art
The Entertainment Art/Animation and Illustration BFA Concentrations found within the Department of Art offer aspiring animators and illustrators opportunities to study entertainment arts with a focus on character based storytelling. Our alumni can be found working at virtually every major studio, on features, TV, and games. We have established relationships with major studios: DreamWorks, Sony, Nickelodeon, Disney, Autodesk, etc. We benefit from having a clear focus, industry experienced faculty, and proximity to the industry.

Music Department
Successful graduates from Cal State Fullerton’s Music Department surround you, working in Southern California and beyond as freelance musicians in film scoring and recording studios, composers and arrangers, and in arts management. Our proximity to the SoCal arts & entertainment industry allows students to network while studying with distinguished faculty, many of whom work in the industry themselves.

Department of Theatre, Film and Dance
HSU Film teaches fiction, documentary, science, natural history and social change filmmaking through a production-based program inspired by the best creative practices of the finest independent filmmakers working today. Our skills-based curriculum incorporates hands-on 16mm film and HD digital production techniques with film studies to foster ethical storytellers who artfully explore the human condition.

Film and Electronic Arts Department
Many students dream of a life of making films, television or radio programs, while others envision a career writing about or researching them. With a diverse faculty comprised of both industry professionals with experience in every area of writing, production, and executive responsibility, and accomplished theoreticians and media historians, the Department of Film & Electronic Arts strives to accommodate a wide variety of student aspirations and the cutting edge of new technology and media.

TV Film and Media Studies
TVF at CSULA offers undergraduate concentrations in Broadcast Journalism and TV Film production, history and criticism. Located minutes from Hollywood, CUSLA offers internships and work opportunities that engage our students early in the entertainment industries that they are studying.We also offer an MA in Media Criticism and an MFA in TV Film and Theater. Offered in conjunction with the Theater Department, the MFA allows students to focus on performance, dramatic writing and production.

Teledramatic Arts and Technology
Our hands-on program prepares students for careers in film, broadcast, and interactive media across commercial, independent and community sectors. Our students create narrative, documentary, interactive and experimental media in a variety of collaborative, independent, and cross-disciplinary projects. Courses develop skills and experience in all facets of media making, including: directing, writing, producing, editing, sound design, visual design, animation, motion graphics, interaction design, and mobile media. Our graduates continue to graduate programs in areas such as media, film, design, art, and education. Others enter independent and commercial industry. Both paths have led our alumni to successful, professional careers.

Department of Cinema and Television Arts
The Department of Cinema and Television Arts provides the creative, technical, managerial and critical/theoretical tools necessary for success. Our award-winning faculty utilizes our state-of-the-art facility to teach Film Production, Television Production, Multimedia Production, Screenwriting, Electronic Media Management, Media Theory and Criticism, and Radio Production. Our location, in the heart of the Entertainment Industry, affords students invaluable access to internships and helps pave the way for fruitful careers.

Communications Department
The Communication Department offers a challenging, hands-on program with specialized options in Journalism, Public Relations, and Organizational Communication. Additionally, an internship program emphasizes practical application and access to job opportunities, giving students a head start on their professional careers. Graduates of the program earn a Bachelor of Science degree and can pursue a variety of careers in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, public relations agencies and corporate departments, and government agencies. The Communication Department houses the weekly student newspaper, The Poly Post and the on-line digital Post.

Music Department
The Music Industry Studies program provides students with experiences they need to succeed in the music and entertainment industries. The program’s wide-ranging, “learn by doing” curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in music theory, history, performance, production, internships, recording technology, and business—as well as a well-rounded university education.

Theatre Department
The Theatre department offers students that are interested in film the opportunity to work with practicing professional in both theatre and film. We have state of the art production equipment, computer labs and experienced faculty that are committed to a hands on and learn by doing approach to making films. We pride ourselves in our ability to work one on one with each student.

Film and Digital Media Concentrations, Department of Communication Studies
The Film & Digital Media Concentrations at Sacramento State offer instruction for students studying film, digital media and criticism. The Film Major offers interdisciplinary course work in the areas of film/video production, history, theory, criticism and writing and the production area offers access to high definition cameras and multiple computer labs for editing, effects creation and sound design. Several of our students are working in production both locally and nationally, screening their films in festivals, and others are pursuing graduate degrees in Film and Digital Media.

Department of Communication Studies
The Department of Communication Studies offers courses in television production, electronic field production, editing, and digital filmmaking. We also offer a scriptwriting minor, and a film studies minor. Our community affairs television program, Local Matters, reaches a potential audience of 150,000 in the Inland Empire. Students can also work for our award winning radio station – Coyote Radio, and work for our award winning student newspaper – The Chronicle. Many of our students pursue graduate school, and/or find work in radio, television, and film upon graduation.

BA in Music with Music Technology Emphasis
CSUSB’s Music Technology program provides broad-based instruction in live sound design, recording arts, film scoring, and other technological uses of sound. The curriculum features a multi-station Mac lab and electronic music studio, including a state-of-the-art Pro-Tools HD system, and very small, hands-on classes, including two years of project-oriented, one-on-one study with an experienced professor.

School of Theatre, Television, and Film
The School of Theatre, Television, and Film where students are motivated to make great art. Students come to SDSU for experiences in class, during production and upon graduation. Exciting faculty, state of the art facilities, and the many learning opportunities throughout the School engage our students, who support each other through a wide range of academic endeavors and productions as well as the important transition from academic study into the professional world.

Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department
The Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Department at SFSU offers the highest quality theoretical and practical electronic media education. Over 800 undergraduate and 50 graduate students focus on television and video production, broadcast journalism and documentary production, sound and music recording, radio, interactive media and virtual worlds, electronic media business and management, and many other areas. BECA students have the opportunity to work in one of the most extensive audio and video production facilities in the United States: three color television studios (2 in high definition), complete HD chroma/virtual set studio, extensive digital editing systems, digital imaging equipment, sound and music recording studios and post-production labs, a radio station, and an array of audio/video field production gear.

Cinema Department
The Cinema Department at SFSU provides an integrated program of rigorous critical study and in depth hands-on pre-production, production and post-production experience. We explore all aspects of cinematic expression in live action and animation that includes narrative, documentary and experimental forms. Our successful alumni range from Oscar winners to cutting edge independent filmmakers and our faculty are committed to developing our students into thoughtful, engaged and highly creative professionals.

Department of Television, Radio, Film, Theatre and Animation/Illustration
With an expanding array of new production facilities and faculty with rich professional experience, the Department of Television, Radio, Film, Theatre, and Animation/Illustration produces a variety of theatrical shows, feature films, short films, 2D and 3D animation films that successfully prepare students for competitive entry into the entertainment industry. The Department each year places nearly all graduates into professional production companies, including local broadcasting firms and theatre companies, as well as major studios and game production firms, such as DreamWorks, Pixar, and Electronic Arts.

Humanities Program
Cal Poly takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study and practice of entertainment and media studies with its Media Arts and Technologies Minor offered through the Humanities Program. The 28-unit minor brings together new and existing courses in Humanities, Theatre Arts, English, Computer Science, Art & Design, Graphic Communications, and other programs with partner, satellite labs and technical facilities from throughout the university. It provides students from all majors the opportunity to emphasize technical design and/or narrative construction. The minor begins in Fall 2011.

Visual and Performing Arts, Art and Technology
The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Cal State San Marcos provides multidisciplinary approach to the arts. A degree in Visual and Performing Arts consists of a sequence of courses that illuminates and emphasizes the benefits of our cross-cultural heritage, presented in the framework of a dynamic experiential, theoretical and technological environment. The curriculum encourages interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and student self-direction. Arts and Technology is designed for students who wish to work with digital arts, multimedia, video, and/or web design. This interdisciplinary track emphasizes various digital media including music, video and the visual arts, and prepares students for graduate study in film, video and new media, or as professionals in digital design.

Department of Communication Studies
The esteemed faculty in the Department of Communication Studies offer courses that provide students with the tools to work in the media, as well as critically analyze the implications of the industry within society. The department provides concentrations in Radio, Television, Writing for the Media, and PR. Students get hands-on experience through a variety of on-campus media outlets, such as SSU-TV, KSUN Radio, and the Star, an award-winning student newspaper. Students can complete internships locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, a major media market, or elsewhere. Communications is one of the top five fields graduating students at SSU, with grads finding work in their chosen careers locally and around the nation. Entry into the program is highly competitive.

The George and Dianne Gagos Digital Media Studio at CSU Stanislaus
The CSU Stanislaus College of the Arts Art Department is home of the George and Dianne Gagos Digital Media Studio (DMS). The DMS is a full Mac studio with 24 iMacs, 1 Mac Pro Tower with Cinema Display and 1 instructor iMac. The DMS has the capability to print 3D models on the Z-Corp ZPrinter 310 and to print large format inkjets on the Canon Image ProGraff printer. The DMS has two scanners, a small format Epson 1660 flatbed and a large format pull through Graphtec CS510 scanner. The DMS runs a host of current image, video and sound manipulation software including: Adobe CS4 suite, Final Cut Express HD, Blender, and the iLife suite. The DMS has Flip HD and miniDV camcorders, digital cameras, tripods and wacom tablets for student use.