These six touchstones point to the mission, values and strategic vision of the CSU to provide a high-quality, accessible, student-focused education and build a brighter future for California and its communities.

Student Success
Student success is the lens through which everything the CSU does is viewed. The success of the CSU’s students transforms the lives of individuals, families and communities, and by extension, California and the nation.
Public Good
The CSU produces the graduates that lead and improve the quality of life for Californians and people throughout the nation, driving economic and social mobility for all communities.
Diversity of demographics, curriculum, pedagogy, program and place is central to the CSU’s mission and enhances the learning environment for students and employees.
To best serve the people of California, the CSU must be at the forefront of the state’s innovation economy. The CSU approaches innovation holistically, with the goal of preparing students for the future.
Quality empowers student, faculty and staff success, and quality in directed research, scholarship and creative activity improves the lives of Californians every day. A focus on quality leads to excellence in CSU’s programs and people.
From ensuring that our campuses and communities are climate resilient to embedding new and greater efficiencies in our operations to preparing the environmental professionals of tomorrow through sustainability focused degree programs, the CSU serves as a guardian of the state’s natural resources and green economy.

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