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Gov. Schwarzenegger, the California State University and SunEdison Announce Green Power Partnership

October 21st, 2008

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived at California State University (CSU), Dominguez Hills today to announce that solar power equipment will be installed on 15 Cal State campuses and the CSU chancellor’s office. Thanks to an agreement put together by the State of California’s Department of General Services (DGS), the CSU and solar service provider SunEdison have entered into an innovative public-private partnership that will bring affordable solar power to the university system.

“California’s continued economic, environmental and social prosperity depends on sustainable energy and technology,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. “As the nation’s largest university system, the CSU welcomes this opportunity to lead the way.”

The CSU system already receives 20% of its electricity from green sources. The new agreements for 8 MW in new solar capacity will raise that total to 25% from green sources.

The power-purchase agreement allows CSU to buy renewable power at or below current retail rates, while avoiding the cost of installing the system. Under the agreement, SunEdison will finance, build, operate and maintain the solar panels for 20 years.

The solar panels are expected to deliver approximately 12.2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean renewable energy in their first year of operation, the equivalent annual energy consumption of 1,256 households.

New SunEdison solar panels will be installed on rooftops, atop parking canopies and in ground-mounted arrays at the following locations:

CA Maritime Academy; CSU Bakersfield; CSU Channel Islands; CSU Chico; CSU Fullerton; CSU Humboldt; CSU Los Angeles; CSU Monterey Bay; CSU Pomona; CSU Sacramento; CSU San Bernardino(San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses); CSU San Francisco; CSU San Marcos; CSU Stanislaus; and the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

“Under the agreements, we can now do more to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Len Pettis, Chief Plant, Energy and Utilities at the CSU Chancellor’s Office. “8 megawatts of affordable renewable energy is a good deal for the CSU and the planet. The agreements announced today will offset approximately 9,485 metric tons of carbon dioxide: the equivalent of removing 48,937 cars from the road, over the life of the contract.”

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