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Learning About Sustainability at EcoFest 2012

April 12th, 2012

EcoFest 2012

Messages about eating organically, recycling, proper disposal of fossil fuel and exercising to stay healthy were echoed throughout Cal State San Bernardino’s student union on April 6 at EcoFest 2012. With workshops, educational carnival games, vendors promoting sustainable living and guest speakers, students along with faculty, staff, alumni and the local community learned how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Visitors surrounded booths from local vendors, community groups and university organizations to win prizes, buy products made from sustainable items, and sample locally grown and raised foods. Booths varied from the City of San Bernardino’s sustainability representatives conducting surveys in exchange for green-living goodies, Stater Bros. Market giving away items from its natural and organic food line, CSUSB nursing students measuring attendees’ body mass indexes to Green Campus team members raffling sustainable products.

“EcoFest is helping us spread awareness on how students can stop energy wastage on campus,” said Emily Edris, CSUSB student and Green Campus Team Manager at Alliance to Save Energy. “The event is allowing us to collaborate with different organizations to reach more people about energy saving tips.”

The event’s main attraction was the Sustainable Living Roadshow, a traveling eco-carnival that sets up events and service projects focused on promoting sustainable living strategies throughout the nation. The Roadshow showcased several interactive eco-themed carnival games, where people learned about recycling, alternative fuels and how to avoid consuming genetically modified organisms.

“Students have a right to know what’s in their food, and we have an environmental responsibility to educate people about sustaining this planet,” said Michael Elinson, the chef of the Sustainable Living Roadshow.

Additionally, the Roadshow provided a solar and biofuel powered main stage where live bands performed throughout the event, an eco-info zone where attendees learned how to convert their home to solar power, and a creation station where guests created their own eco-craft souvenirs.

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