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This Way for a Healthier Planet
March 28th, 2013

By Erik Fallis
CSU Public Affairs

Chico State students are thinking through the consequences of collective human actions. Much of the evidence is that our species is making poor decisions, utilizing record levels of the earth’s productive capacity while choking that productive pipeline for future generations.

A coalition of students, faculty, staff, entrepreneurs and activists are striving for a better path, a healthier path. This Way to Sustainability is an enormous undertaking – a student-run conference that hosts more than 100 speakers and 1,400 participants. This conference brings together those who dare to question the decisions we make today. In so doing, they find many answers about how we might move toward a sustainable future.

Decked out in an elaborate dress of plastic bags, Health Education major Alexandria Gipson (center) quizzes and informs students with trivia about the impact of plastics in the environment. More …

A Sustainable ‘Takeover’ of CSUMB’s Homepage
February 25th, 2013

CSUMB homepage screen capture

Alum helps others heal war wounds through environmental activism
October 31st, 2012


Former Marine works to establish Veterans’ Conservation Corps


You could say that being called to active duty following the 9/11 terrorist attacks interrupted Ben Haberthur’s education at Cal State Monterey Bay. Or you might say that his active military service refocused it.

Either way, Haberthur’s work both as a restoration ecologist and a veterans’ advocate received a major boost recently when he was recognized with a TogetherGreen Fellowship Award from Toyota and the National Audubon Society.

Haberthur, who works for the Forest Preserve District of Kane County near Chicago, will use the $10,000 grant on an effort to encourage veterans dealing with the aftermath of their war experiences to work with nature. More…

Learning About Sustainability at EcoFest 2012
April 12th, 2012

EcoFest 2012

Messages about eating organically, recycling, proper disposal of fossil fuel and exercising to stay healthy were echoed throughout Cal State San Bernardino’s student union on April 6 at EcoFest 2012. With workshops, educational carnival games, vendors promoting sustainable living and guest speakers, students along with faculty, staff, alumni and the local community learned how to reduce their carbon footprint.
More »

Seven Conferences and Counting
March 13th, 2012

CSU Public Affairs


The Institute for Sustainable Development at CSU Chico and Associated Students of CSU Chico continue the tradition of hosting an excellent student-led conference that explores the huge variety of actions and concerns that fall under the heading of sustainability.  From March 1-3, the seventh This Way to Sustainability Conference combines student, faculty, staff, industry and community directed sessions with keynote speeches by prominent figures in the green movement. 

Chico_Sustain (23)

Taking advantage of the collective talents of those attending the conference, the CSU Sustainability Summit on Feb. 29 brings together expertise and perspective on how to expand sustainability efforts across the system.  Eric Recchia (center), a student of Sustainable Development and Economics at Humboldt State, shares his experience with a group of faculty, staff and administrators from across the system. More »

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