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Where Will You Study Abroad?

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Where Will You Study Abroad?

Posted by Mireille Garcia Serrato

Ciao everyone! Greetings from Italy. I am currently studying abroad with San Diego State University, taking two classes this summer in a whole different country.


Studying abroad is a program that allows you to study away from your home country and take courses at a different university across the globe. This year, I was able to choose from different programs offered at San Diego State. The great thing about studying abroad is that you can select your desired destination and the type of courses you want to take. I have always wanted to visit Italy because of my Italian origins, and thankfully I had the chance to do so with the help of my university.


You can do it too! When you are in college, you have the opportunity to reach out to advisers and inquire about how you can study abroad. At my campus, advisers at the International Student Center help you plan your trip logistics. Many campuses offer the same help, so the first step is to make an appointment to speak to an adviser about your options. Take advantage of this great opportunity and make your traveling dreams come true.


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