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The Few Secrets Around Campus

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The Few Secrets Around Campus

Posted by Arzoo

Starting as a freshman I did not know the few secrets that everyone else knew. I had no one to guide me to a smoother transition from high school to college. By my sophomore year I found out ways to purchase my books almost less than half the price than the bookstore on campus. Some times there are bookstores nearby where they sell used textbooks a lot cheaper than the actual bookstore. An average book can cost around $100, but if you buy a used copy you can save half that amount. There are also other options such as renting on campus or online. Students can also buy books from or, which sells the book at a fraction of the actual price and you can sell the book once your course is complete.


Another beneficial secret is a website called This website will tell you from the students perspective how professors really are academically from majority of the universities. It can be a huge help when you need to know if a certain professor is too difficult or curves their exams.



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