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The Balancing Act

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Shannon Steichen

Find Your Optimal Study Environment

Posted by Shannon Steichen

Everyone likes to study in slightly different ways. Some like to have complete silence, others prefer to be surrounded by people doing their own things, while others have a specific music playlist that is essential to their focus. For me, the best place to study is outside in a park or in my own room.

I first tried the quiet area of the library, but couldn’t focus with complete silence. Then I tried the talking area of the library, but decided that the conversations going on around me were much more interesting than my chemistry homework. When I moved to the open lawn at campus, I had enough noise to keep my brain occupied, but not so much that I could not focus on the task at hand. I also discovered that these same conditions could be achieved in my own room.

Finding out what study environment works best for you is a process that may take some time, but it will most certainly be worth the effort once you find the place that allows you to study at the optimal level.

Lourd Ebuen

The Balancing Act

Posted by Lourd Ebuen

People often ask how I manage to balance three jobs and keep up with my studies. As a student assistant graphic designer, freelancer, and Disneyland parade performer, I find myself asking the same question. But I’ve realized that my jobs go hand-in-hand with my studies in graphic design at school, and they work well with my class schedule.


Keeping up with deadlines and distributing time between work, school, homework, and of course social life helps keep things in perspective. I am able to see how much time I actually have to complete my homework for school. Many times, I have to start on a project very early to get it done by the deadline or sometimes request time off of work to allow more time. One of the effective ways to do this is to carry an agenda to write things down. I stay organized with my day-to-day schedule and I am able to balance my time between work and school.


Working and going to school is definitely possible, so don’t be afraid to venture into the real world while in college!

Kiera Sailor

Resources for ACT Preparation

Posted by Kiera Sailor

California State University applications are here and so is American College Testing (ACT) preparation and testing. My advice? Don’t fear: ACT tips are available to help in this time of need!

Personally, I couldn’t afford ACT prep classes, so I used ACT’s online program and The Real ACT Prep Guide to study for the test. The online resource offers videos and text lessons in all four subject areas of the ACT. It offers full-length practice tests, as well as a game center to throw in a little fun. The ACT website also offers a free downloadable PDF of its “Preparing for the ACT” student booklet.

Most importantly, review the ACT’s “Test Day Checklist”. Report to your testing center at least 20 minutes early, and make sure you bring a calculator, acceptable photo identification, snacks and pencils! Remember to keep calm and succeed on!



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