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Benefits of Using Study Groups

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Marissa - photo

Study Tips for College

Posted by Marissa

Getting a good GPA in college is crucial and in order to do so, you must learn how to study properly and effectively. Make sure you find out what study method works best for you.


Note these tips below to ace your exams in college.


  • Make flashcards.

  • Find a study group or study buddy.

  • Have a designated study area that is quiet and comfortable.

  • Highlight and annotate the material.

  • Rewrite essential information.

  • Make a study guide.

Ana - photo

Maximize Your Study Time

Posted by Ana

Studying might not seem like the most important part of college, but it does play a big role in college life. You’ll take several classes at a time in college, and if you take two similar classes, you might not have to spend as much time studying. One semester, I took five psychology classes dealing with similar issues, so I didn’t have to study as much—however, I did study! Then I had a semester where I was taking an art class, a music class, a psychology class, a math class, and a Chicano studies class, and I had to study every day because I had to learn about different issues in each class.


Studying isn’t most fun thing to do on a Friday night, and it’s especially not fun the night before a big test. It is best if you study ahead of time. It’s true when they say to study a little each night—I try to do it, and it has helped me a lot in my classes. What I have found helpful is studying with a group. That way, if I don’t know something, someone can help me out and later on when I go over it by myself I understand the material better. Studying will help you do great in classes!

Jade - photo

Benefits of Using Study Groups

Posted by Jade

One of the most effective ways to prepare for class discussions, tests and exams is by using a study group. Study groups provide a number of benefits to the learning process. As such, many college professors agree that group study enhances students’ performance.


Why does it work? In a group environment, you’re less likely to procrastinate and are also forced to become more organized. Group study also encourages you to explain things aloud. By speaking to and listening to others, you often improve on recall ability, or ability to remember information on test day. Group members have many perspectives and will always bring up ideas and thoughts you’d never considered.


Finally, you’ll likely find that the benefit of group study reaches far beyond good results on tests. It will build self-confidence that you can use for the rest of your life. Speaking to small groups will prepare you for speaking to larger groups in the future—or more official groups such as college admission panels or hiring boards for a job.


So go ahead and start building a group of like-minded students who share your goals for success and learn from one another!



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