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Study Tips

Posted by Adam

It’s difficult to find time to study with all of the distractions that you have as a high school student but remember the grades you earn are a very important part of college admissions decisions. My advice would be for you to set a time apart each day for studying and to stick with it. I would also try to find a quiet place where you are not easily distracted with things such as the internet, videogames, and television. The sooner you finish studying the more time you’ll have to do fun things!


What I Wish I Could Tell My Freshman Self Now

Posted by Marissa

Freshman year is a time of discovery and adjustment. It’s your first year in college and you’re trying to figure out the college life. There is a lot of opportunity available that every student should explore. When I was a freshman I didn’t take advantage of everything that I could to get involved. Not only that, but my academic habits could have been stronger. If I could go back and give advice to my freshman self, I would tell myself to seize every opportunity and work hard in earning the best GPA possible. You should do well every year of your college career and get involved from the start—it truly matters once you graduate!


Finish Strong Academically

Posted by Jade

Many students should note that finishing your academic years strong is key in getting to college. Those in the 10th and 11th grade especially should know that those years are the ones used for your cumulative GPA when applying to college. Seniors who are accepted to college must also be sure to finish strong so they can remain eligible for admission and scholarships. The last thing anybody wants is to be told they can no longer attend their university of choice because they took the wrong classes their senior year or got grades lower than a “C”. Nowadays there are so many students applying to college, it can be very competitive. Remember to always do what is required and then some if you want to stand out among the rest!



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