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The Balancing Act

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Don’t Be Discouraged

Posted by Evelyn

It’s January and soon enough, many students will be receiving their letters of acceptance… or their letters of rejection. So for those of you that got into their college of choice, congratulations! However, for those that didn’t, don’t be discouraged!


As a CSU Long Beach Student, I must confess that my campus was not my school of choice. My first choice for college was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so you can imagine how disheartened and upset I was when I got that letter of rejection. But, that letter of rejection could have been the best thing that happened to me. I am now finishing up my senior year at Long Beach and have had the time of my life! I found out that I like the beach way more than I like the inland, and so who knows? If I had gone to San Luis Obispo, I could have ended up hating my college life. This could be the same for you! So don’t be upset if you do end up getting a letter of rejection, it may just be life’s way of letting you know that your first choice may not always be the best choice.


Study Abroad!

Posted by Annette

Studying abroad has always interested me because many friends and family members who studied abroad had nothing but great things to say about their time spent around the world. During my first semester at Cal State Long Beach, I noticed that one of my upper division electives was offered in Florence, Italy as a summer course. Most students choose to study abroad for a semester or a full academic year, but some universities also offer winter and summer courses. I made the decision to sign up for the course and before I knew it, I was on a plane to Italy.

Studying while immersing yourself in a new culture is a great opportunity to further your education. At first, it can be a bit intimidating to be in an environment where you are not familiar with the language and customs, but it becomes easier once you adjust. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to study abroad; it allowed me to see amazing sights, make new friends and create memories of a lifetime. If you are interested in studying outside the United States, explore the international programs available at the CSU campuses to see what courses they offer abroad.

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Lourd Ebuen

The Balancing Act

Posted by Lourd Ebuen

People often ask how I manage to balance three jobs and keep up with my studies. As a student assistant graphic designer, freelancer, and Disneyland parade performer, I find myself asking the same question. But I’ve realized that my jobs go hand-in-hand with my studies in graphic design at school, and they work well with my class schedule.


Keeping up with deadlines and distributing time between work, school, homework, and of course social life helps keep things in perspective. I am able to see how much time I actually have to complete my homework for school. Many times, I have to start on a project very early to get it done by the deadline or sometimes request time off of work to allow more time. One of the effective ways to do this is to carry an agenda to write things down. I stay organized with my day-to-day schedule and I am able to balance my time between work and school.


Working and going to school is definitely possible, so don’t be afraid to venture into the real world while in college!



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