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Studying Becomes A Rhyme

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Studying Becomes A Rhyme

Posted by Marlene

Studying has become part of my daily routine. I study early in the morning before class or in the evenings after I arrive home from work. Late nights of studying sessions have become enjoyable, only when coffee is there for the rescue! I am not a coffee addict nor am I promoting consuming coffee while studying. Coffee is just an energy supplement and it helps me stay awake after a long day of work. Moreover, creating a line of self-discipline is important for a successful studying routine. I can admit there were times when I felt very lethargic and ignored my studying material. Consequences, I received in my grade. This is when I became serious about studying. A good technique to discipline yourself is to make a mental note. By that I mean, think about all the money and effort/energy you are putting in school, you can’t afford to fail a class! Just tell yourself, “I need to study first, before I can have fun.” It is difficult to adjust to a studying routine; nonetheless, we can do it with determination. Just set reminders on your cell phone, agenda, calendars etc. In addition, approach studying in various ways; such as, there are those like me who are visual and auditory learners. I learn my material best when drawing visuals of my text and when I teach others. Figure out what your learning style is and then apply it to the material that is given to you by your teachers. It’s a great start in preparing yourself for college. Make studying a routine and motivate yourself. Studying is manageable, it became part of my routine and I am now excelling in school because of those long hours of studying. Just have fun and enjoy learning!


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