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The California State University

9th Grade
  • Take the “a-g” courses listed at right to meet the CSU’s admission requirements: college prep English, Algebra I or Geometry, and a foreign language.
  • Aim for As and Bs in all your classes; focus on homework and develop good study skills.
  • Take the ACT EXPLORE exam, a tool that helps you plan for high school and college.
  • Begin or update your High School Course Planner on CSUMentor.

  • Take elective courses that meet the CSU’s admissions standards:
    • History
    • English
    • Math
    • Science
    • Visual And Performing Arts

  • Join clubs, play sports and volunteer. This is a good way to develop and expand your interests.
a-g Courses

a-g Courses

The California State University requires the following college preparatory pattern of classes for admission:

  1. History and Social Science
    2 years (1 year of U.S. History and 1 year of Social Science)
  2. English
    4 years required
  3. Math
    3 years (4 years recommended)
  4. Laboratory Science
    2 years with a lab class
  5. Language other than English
    (Foreign Language) 2 years of the same language
  6. Visual and Performing Arts
    1 year
  7. College Preparatory Electives
    1 year of any college preparatory subject

Visit your school counselor for a detailed list of classes or visit the University of California's Doorways website.

Brush up on your English and math skills at the CSU Success website.

10th Grade

10th Grade

Challenge yourself with college prep English and Geometry or Algebra II.

More about 10th grade

Helpful tips

Helpful tips

Developing strong study skills and time management will help you get through school and succeed in life!

  • Pay attention in class
  • Take good notes
  • Study effectively
  • Eat well and get rest
  • Read all assignments
  • Form a study group to test your knowledge with your friends

Check out these other helpful tips:

Time management tips

Take control of homework

The keys to effective writing

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Prepare and Apply

Prepare and Apply

Use CSUMentor to set up your course planner, compare campuses, and send in your applications.

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ACT (American College Testing)
AP (Advanced Placement)
CSU (California State University)
CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)
EAP Exam (Early Assessment Program Exam)
ELM (Entry Level Mathematics Exam)
EPT (English Placement Test)
PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test)
SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)


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