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Start Healthy!

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Start Healthy!

Posted by Arzoo

They say we gain weight throughout our college years. By the time we graduate we end up packing a good 15-20 lbs. I was lucky enough to keep a healthy weight by my senior year but throughout the years my weight fluctuated. Eating cafeteria food, fast food, and more junk food with daily lattes or energy drinks will guarantee an unhealthy lifestyle. Starting college we get consumed with exam overloads, partying, and eating out with friends that we don’t even realize the damage we do to our bodies. Just like everything else, we need to balance out our eating habits. Anytime you find the opportunity, indulge in fruits and vegetables! It is very hard to avoid eating unhealthy when you are constantly out and on the go, so when you do have the options then choose healthy. It is also very important to include at least some type of physical activity 3-4 times a week. It gives you a huge boost of energy to keep you running for the day. We don’t have anyone to guide us when we start college, so just make sure to find a good workout buddy and incorporate a healthy lifestyle through out college.


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