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College Dreams Blog

College Dreams Blog

No matter who you are or how you’ve prepared for college, you’re bound to have a long list of questions. Our student ambassadors had college dreams just like you do and they worked hard to achieve them. Read their stories below and share your own with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Marlene - photo

Difficult Experiences Lead To Tranquility

Posted by Marlene

My living situation outside the university’s campus is a challenge for me. Adapting to a new community like Hayward is very difficult because I have to rely on public transportation. During my second year at CSU East Bay, I moved to a nearby city named Union City to save money because living on campus is very expensive. Originally, I wanted to live in a house with four other roommates. However, I dismissed the realities of living in the suburbs. Buses take 45 min – 1 hour to get to your destination. There are time schedules, but some buses are not very accurate. During the cold dark misty mornings, I would run to the bus stop at 6:35 am afraid of missing the bus that would take us to the South Hayward Bart Station because I had an 8 am class to attend. Sometimes, I would even ride my bike to the SH Bart Station to avoid waiting for the bus, but by the time I got to the Bart Station I would be too exhausted from riding my bike on some small hills. After this experience, commuting from one city to another made me realize how important it is to plan out goals. I thought moving away from campus would save me some money; yet, I ended up spending more money on transportation and other expenses such as bills etc. I do not regret moving off campus because I still live off campus, but now I am in my third year living in a beautiful and tranquil apartment located 5mins walking distance away from my university. Although, I live in a comfortable space now, I had to experience several difficulties to appreciate the convenience of living off campus.

Arzoo - photo

High School vs. College

Posted by Arzoo

Before I started college I didn’t know what to expect (especially since high school used to be such a drag for me). What most high school students don’t know is that college is actually a lot easier than high school. For example, there are hardly any rules in college. You can walk in and out of class whenever you want, you do not need to raise you hand every time you need to go to the restroom, and you can eat, drink and chew gum all you want. The best part of college is that you become a free and independent person. In my opinion, even the classes are easier than high school. Usually in college you only have a few midterms and a final, sometimes a presentation. It’s a really great experience and you just grow as a person.

Jade - photo

Dorm Life

Posted by Jade

One of the most fun and best learning experiences I had in college was moving out and living on my own in the dorms. At most colleges or universities, freshmen are required to live on campus at least their first year. Now that I work in higher education with college students I see the importance more so than I did back when I was in college.


Living in the residence halls allows you to meet new people and become more independent. Your parents and teachers aren’t there to wake you up for class or make you do your homework. It’s all on you now. There is a great sense of pride and responsibility when you experience it. I would definitely urge anyone going off to college to live on campus at least their first year. I’d also encourage you to live near or around your campus as well if you can because it makes your college experience all the more worthwhile! Don’t be afraid, you’ll love it! I guarantee it!



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