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College Dreams Blog

College Dreams Blog

No matter who you are or how you’ve prepared for college, you’re bound to have a long list of questions. Our student ambassadors had college dreams just like you do and they worked hard to achieve them. Read their stories below and share your own with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Marlene - photo

A Love Note Pt. 1

Posted by Marlene

Falling in love was never in my plans. I always pictured myself falling in love during my 40’s only after being a successful businesswoman with financial stability, but love entered my life and literally left to pursue his dreams on the other side of the world in Asia.


A year before I met him, I lived in Downtown Los Angeles six hours away from where I now live in Hayward California. We first met at California State University East Bay where he graduated from and I am currently studying. Despite age, cultural and religious differences, our love of two old spirited and passionate people lead us to create a strong relationship.


I’ve realized that in our generation many people misuse love and are anxious to find it. The truth is it comes when it comes and when it does welcome it with arms wide open. Love unravels like the soft petals on a white rose that’s nourished by the earth’s warm soil. Although my feelings for him at first were difficult to understand because it was brand-new to me, loving him was natural.


He was then asked to work overseas after just several months of us being together. When we were together, I witnessed his dedication for writing and telling stories. Being a supportive girlfriend, I was always there to encourage him in anything and for him to take the wonderful opportunity to work abroad. After all, he had really deserved to put his talent for writing into good use. This is both of our first relationship. We decided to work a long distance relationship. I let him go abroad little over a year after our first year together.


In this relationship, separation and stress tested the strength of our love. There were several attempts to resolve a communication problem, which happens in most long distance relationships. Yet, after several trials of fixing this dilemma, I realized that there are two main steps for resolution in partnership conflicts. First, people should have immediate discussion about the problem. Second it leads to compromising. Love is like a flower that should be nourished with care and a “break” should never be the answer because it results in decay. I will never understand why he asked or why people in relationships as for a break from each other. Even when one is underneath the cloud of stress, a break shouldn’t be the answer to untie a struggle. I gave him the break and space for growth as he initially requested, but without me in his life. I also understood that his physical and emotional care for me was missing. At the end, it was absolute I needed to take care of my heart. It wasn’t easy, it took so much courage and strength to accept that maybe it wasn’t the right time for us/bad timing. I don’t regret making this decision because our love story is something that I’ll always treasure.

Arzoo - photo

Dealing with Stress

Posted by Arzoo

The first year of college can be hectic, especially because everything is new to you.


New friends, new city, new school, new classes, everything will be different. It can be stressful and difficult to get use to the lifestyle. The whole new transition can make you homesick or overwhelmed by classes. It is crucial to learn how to balance out your life. Dealing with stress is something all college students do but dealing with stress effectively is something we learn as we go along. To help ease stress try making friends so once a week you can go out and just have fun. Take long walks around the campus because it helps with stress levels. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water, junk food can make you irritable. Also, stay in contact with your old friends and family because it sometimes gives you that extra support or push you need.

Evelyn - photo

Don’t Be Discouraged

Posted by Evelyn

It’s January and soon enough, many students will be receiving their letters of acceptance… or their letters of rejection. So for those of you that got into their college of choice, congratulations! However, for those that didn’t, don’t be discouraged!


As a CSU Long Beach Student, I must confess that my campus was not my school of choice. My first choice for college was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so you can imagine how disheartened and upset I was when I got that letter of rejection. But, that letter of rejection could have been the best thing that happened to me. I am now finishing up my senior year at Long Beach and have had the time of my life! I found out that I like the beach way more than I like the inland, and so who knows? If I had gone to San Luis Obispo, I could have ended up hating my college life. This could be the same for you! So don’t be upset if you do end up getting a letter of rejection, it may just be life’s way of letting you know that your first choice may not always be the best choice.



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