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Has “How to Get to College” Helped You?
Has “How to Get to College” Helped You?

Has “How to Get to College” Helped You?

If you or a student you know has been helped by the “How to Get to College” program, we want to hear your story!

  • Are you a counselor or educator who’s used the poster, site or other materials with students?
  • Did the handout point you to classes that got you admitted to the CSU?
  • Did you use the high school planner to track your progress?

Please share your story of how the “How to Get to College” program has impacted you in the box below. (If you’re writing about a student or someone else, please don’t use their name or identifying information.) Please see an example of a testimonial at right.


Thank you for your help!


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“As a community-based organization with limited funds and a large population to serve (of which the majority represent future first-generation college students), the 'How to Get to College' materials allow us to have collateral about college knowledge we could otherwise not afford. The easy-to-follow design of the materials further allows us a medium to explain a complicated process in an understandable way to all our students and parents. The 'How to Get to College' materials are an invaluable resource for our program and our community.”

- Sara Clark, Ontario-Montclair Promise Scholars Program Supervisor