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Self-Care While Finishing Last Minute College Applications

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Alexis Frutos

Self-Care While Finishing Last Minute College Applications

Posted by Alexis Frutos

Applying for college is stressful. On October 1st the applications for CSU opened on Cal State Apply and the upcoming deadline, November 30th is approaching fast. During this time of strict deadlines and nerves it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As someone who went through the process of applying to multiple institutions, I learned from experience the importance of self-care during the application process. Self-care can take a multitude of forms, because really it’s just caring for yourself to reduce your stress as much as possible. Here are a few tips I have to make this time a little bit easier.

  • Understand the process of applying for college, is a stressful one and that’s ok. Part of dealing with stress is accepting it and understanding where it comes from. In the context of college applications, it’s a new obstacle in your life and anything new can feel overwhelming.
  • Step away from the computer when you need to (it’s not always procrastination). This piece of advice may counter previous tips you’ve heard but taking mental breaks while filling out college applications is necessary. Also, there are features on Cal State Apply that enable you to save your application progress then return to it when you’re ready. So, take a few minutes to an hour and use this time to recenter. Go for a walk, eat a snack, then return. This will help your overall focus.
  • Talk about your concerns with people who’ve been through the process or are going through it. It may sound repetitive, but talking through your concerns helps. Whether that be with a friend, a school counselor, or a teacher it’s important to reach out to them. These people understand what you’re going through so they can offer affirmation, advice and support.

Even with the application deadline so close you can still take time to practice self-care using these tips.


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