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Malala: Valuing Education

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Malala: Valuing Education

Posted by Evelyn

Recently, there was a little girl from Pakistan who is becoming a viral sensation for her interview with Jon Stewart on his daily show. Her name is Malala and she is 16 years old and she realizes one thing that many of us take for granted living in the U.S.A: Education is power. She was shot by the Taliban for standing up for women’s education. She knows that with education comes knowledge which is the most powerful weapon of all.


I think many of us fail to notice that in other parts of the world, education is prohibited. We have such an amazing opportunity here and many of us just complain: “Why do we have to go to school?” and “I can’t wait for school to end!” are all too common sayings that come from the mouths of students. We need to listen and learn from Malala’s story and revalue the education we receive. In the end, that is truly the only way we can become more united.


Below is the link for Malala’s interview:—malala-yousafzai-extended-interview-pt–1



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