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Learn a New Language

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Learn a New Language

Posted by Luis Urbano

Buenas tardes!


My name is Luis and I’m a graduate student of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Stanislaus State. As a bilingual student, I want to share the importance of knowing two languages. Spanish was my first language, and I consider myself fortunate to have learned it first as it allowed me to be fluent in both Spanish and English.


So why is it really important to learn another language?

  1. Being bilingual can impress employers and make you a better candidate for the job. Some employers even list being bilingual as a preferred qualification, so much so that they may scan resumes to look for the ability to speak another language.
  2. You’ll be able to communicate with people from other countries when you travel. You won’t need to buy a book to translate English to Spanish, French, Portuguese, or another language. With abundant study abroad programs at the CSU, being bilingual will be especially beneficial.
  3. You’ll gain knowledge! You may become proficient in your new language and even choose to become a professor of that language or simply share your knowledge with others about your new language.


Learning another language isn’t easy. But with practice, especially by talking to others who speak the language, you’ll be able to learn. Take language classes at your CSU campus and join clubs to practice!


If you already speak another language, I still recommend taking advanced classes to learn more about the language and culture. There’s a good chance you’ll learn something you didn’t know before, and you’ll become even more proficient at speaking or writing. Or you could always learn another language and become trilingual!



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